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GTA 6 Leaks | Revealed Features and Speculations



gta 6, gta 6 features, gta 6 gameplay

Rockstar was recently subjected to a massive cyber-attack in which over 90 videos and screenshots of an early GTA 6 build, as well as its source code, were leaked. The GTA 6 leak revealed a number of details about the main characters, plot beats, and core gameplay experience. Rockstar has since removed many of the videos and screenshots from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and the original GTAForums post. This hasn’t stopped eagle-eyed observers from uncovering even more information about GTA 6.

GTA 6 Leaks and Features

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that GTA VI would include two playable characters, one of whom would be a woman. According to social media posts, the leaked footage shows two playable characters, with the majority of the gameplay centered on a female character. Furthermore, people on Twitter claimed that the footage showed parts of a city that resembled Vice City, GTA’s fictional version of Miami. Several leaks have suggested that Vice City is making a comeback in recent years, and this leaked footage could be proof of that.

gta 6, gta 6 features, gta 6 gameplay

Zack Zwiezen of Kotaku has gone through a large amount of leaked footage and checked to debug information from one of the videos. The debug menu shows some of the game’s planned features and elements, which may or may not be included in the final build. According to the debug information, players may be able to ride horses and tame certain animals, which will be a first for the series.

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Aside from these, it appears that Rockstar has some wild plans for the game. A sex robot, alligators, UFOs, spiritual journeys, a haunted warehouse, and Skunk Ape sightings are also mentioned in the debug menus. While UFOs and Bigfoot have already appeared in GTA 5, other elements will be brand new.

The recent GTA 6 leak has essentially confirmed that Vice City serves as the setting for the game, which also boasts two key protagonists with a Bonnie and Clyde-like relationship. For the first time in the series, one of the protagonists will be a woman. In addition to these, the main gameplay loop is anticipated to involve a lot of heists and robberies with cops on the watch for you at all times. The accuracy of the material that was leaked has been confirmed by Rockstar, however, it will have no bearing on the creation of GTA 6.

Are GTA 6 Leaks of Real Game?

gta 6, gta 6 features, gta 6 gameplay

There are several reliable sources that have confirmed that the leaks were actually of the game. Moreover, recently Rockstars also tweeted acknowledging that it was a cyber attack and apologizing for the way it got reached the audience.

However, the leaks revealed only the development stage and the final game will be a lot different from the leaked one.

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