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Marvel’s Epic “Loki” Quiz Is Calling You Again



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Where do Loki and Sylvie get stuck in an apocalypse?

  1. Lamentis-1

  2. Oculus-26

  3. Titan

  4. Avamora-11

Which Supreme Time Being was tamed by “He Who Remains”?

  1. Mephisto

  2. Destroyer

  3. Alioth

  4. Leviathan

Who saves Sylvie from Alioth?

  1. Loki

  2. Kid Loki

  3. Ravonna

  4. Mobius

What does Mobius like the most?

  1. Coffee

  2. Jet Ski

  3. Race Car

  4. Cake

Hunter C-20 is a Variant.

  1. True

  2. False

Time Keepers are just robots.

  1. True

  2. False

According to the TVA’s records, Loki’s gender is ___.

  1. Male

  2. Female

  3. Fluid

  4. Uncategorized

According to the MCU’s timeline, Loki follows the events of which Earth year?

  1. 2023

  2. 2012

  3. 2019

  4. 2021

Looks like you haven’t watched the series

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