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Seniors Are Calling you Back For Hostel Daze Season 2 Quiz



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Hostel Daze’s Season 2 is streaming on which platform?

  1. Prime Video

  2. Netflix

  3. TVF Play

  4. Disney+ Hotstar

Who was a first-year student in Hostel Daze S2?

  1. Ankit

  2. Rakhi

  3. Chirag

  4. Venkatesh

Chirag was the only Senior punished for ragging.

  1. True

  2. False

Who is playing the character of Jaat?

  1. Shubham Gaur

  2. Adarsh Gourav

  3. Ahsaas Channa

  4. Luv Vispute

Which of the following is not an episode title in the series?

  1. DISCO

  2. Love-Cube

  3. Gandagi

  4. Ghar Wapsi

Jaat used to represent the college in which sport?

  1. Football

  2. Basketball

  3. Cricket

  4. Volleyball

Who was Jhantoo’s love interest?

  1. Prakriti

  2. Unnati

  3. Arushi

  4. Nabomita

Who decided to stay with Jhantoo and not to go home?

  1. Rakhi

  2. Badri

  3. Akanksha

  4. Iyer

How many episodes does the second season of Hostel Daze have?

  1. 8

  2. 4

  3. 6

  4. 3

When was Hostel Daze S2 released?

  1. 23rd July

  2. 15th July

  3. 28th June

  4. 12th July

Are you a medical student?

We know you love your seniors

Jaat is searching for you to give you prize.


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