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A True Apple Fan Will Get Full Marks In This Quiz!



A quiz for apple fan

Any Apple user here? Well, we hope you will get full marks on this quiz. Make sure, you know about the first iPhone launch. Without further ado, let’s begin.

When was the first iPhone launched?

  1. 2004

  2. 2007

  3. 2008

  4. 2009

Who of the following is one of the co-founders of Apple?

  1. Steve Wozniak

  2. Steve Gates

  3. Ronald Wozniak

  4. Paul Allen

Apple’s smart speaker is called

  1. Apple Pod

  2. HomePod

  3. Apple Echo

  4. Apple Home

The Original MacBook was launched in

  1. 2006

  2. 2008

  3. 2003

  4. 2009

What was the codename for the first iPhone before it was announced?

  1. The Phone Star

  2. Project Black

  3. Project Purple

  4. Project I

Which iPhone generation does Not exist?

  1. iPhone 2

  2. iPhone 3GS

  3. iPhone SE

  4. iPhone 5C

What Time Is Always Set on iPhone Ads?

  1. 4:21

  2. 9:41

  3. 12:41

  4. 8:42

Which is the first iPhone with the TouchID?

  1. iPhone SE

  2. iPhone 5s

  3. iPhone 6s

  4. iPhone 6 Plus

ProMotion display has a refresh rate of

  1. 90Hz

  2. 240Hz

  3. 144Hz

  4. 120Hz

You are a True APPLE Fan Boii 🙂

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