Android Q Leaks: New Font Shape, Icon and much more.

Android Q Leaks:-

Android Pie is the latest android version of Google. Now, developers are working on another android version named Android Q. Everyday there are some leaks of Android Q. As we all know that it will be cooler than Android Pie or Oreo. There will be some exciting features also. As there is no official confirmation of the full name. It will also be confirmed soon.

Latest Leaks of Android Q:

Blocking apps from accessing the clipboard

In the earlier version of Android, there was no option for blocking apps from accessing the clipboard. Therefore, it means sensitive data is potentially at risk. But, in the latest Android Q, there will be an option that which app can access the clipboard.

App downgrades

Now, you can downgrade your that app whose update not makes you happy. By this feature in Android Q, you can now go to the earlier version of an app. It means when an app gets updated and if you don’t like the features then you can downgrade to it earlier version.

Screen Recording

In the earlier version of Android, for screen recording, you need a third party application. But, now in Android Q, there is no requirement for the third party application because there will be an inbuilt screen recording with Android Q.

Physical Activity Recognition

In the latest version of Android, it will automatically recognize when you’re working out or doing any physical activity or not. But, it will be added as the core feature of Android.

New Font Shape, Icon Shape, and Accent Overlays

As a font, an icon of the app and their overlays make the phone looks more dashing and attractive. Therefore, in Android Q, there will be an option to change font shape, icon shape, and overlays by how you like it.

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