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Do We Really Need Gaming Smartphones?


Gaming is taking the center stage in technology, and several new devices and components are entering the market to cater to the gaming community. Gaming PCs and Consoles have been famous for some time now, but the newest edition of devices in the gaming line-up are smartphones. These smartphones are designed to cater to the gaming community, for users who want to enjoy gaming of the highest level on smartphones. Gaming smartphones are more expensive than regular devices as they come with multiple features and hardware specifications to make the experience better. However, a major question that arises is that "Are Gaming smartphones worth it?"

The Purpose of Gaming Smartphones

The sole purpose of gaming smartphones is to make the experience smoother and more immersive. There are multiple features that come with these gaming devices. Multiple gaming smartphones come with RGB lights, in-built fans, and game triggers. Most of these features make the phones aesthetically better looking, but features like the gaming triggers make the gaming experience better, and a lot of users and players like that. However, this feature is not limited to gaming smartphones, it can also be seen in gaming-centric smartphones.

Do We Need Gaming Smartphones?

Another thing that separates gaming phones from regular smartphones is marketing. Advertisements and marketing of these phones are done to promote the particular line-up. Going by the performance, not a lot of difference can be seen in these smartphones.

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Difference Between Gaming Phones and Gaming Centric Smartphones

Gaming smartphones and gaming-centric smartphones sound very similar but, are not the same thing. These are two different categories of smartphones. The gaming phones, as discussed above, are designed entirely based on the "gamer aesthetic" whereas gaming-centric phones, also known as performance-centric phones, look like regular smartphones without any fancy design or colors. The gaming-centric smartphones also come with triggers for smoother gameplay and good displays. Both smartphones can run the games for smoother, high-graphics gameplay. One major difference between gaming and gaming-centric smartphones is that some gaming smartphones come with dual charging. Some gaming phones can be charged with 2 chargers at the same time. This supports the dual-battery configuration and also helps in charging the phone while playing games in the landscape mode.

Do we need gaming smartphones?

Mobile games have not advanced much, and there are no games that a high-end smartphone can not run. So it comes down to the choices of the user, if someone wants to buy a gaming smartphone they can, but it will not enhance the performance or the response of the game. It will only enhance the gameplay experience.

The Cost-Cuttings in Gaming Phones

Gaming phones look very fancy and flashy, but there are a few cost cuttings that take place in these phones. One of the primary cost-cutting strategies is the camera. The camera module on most gaming phones looks promising with multiple lenses and good specifications, but that does not guarantee good images. Photos taken from gaming phones do not look as good as the specifications of the hardware. These devices are not designed for capturing images, and cameras are not the selling point of these smartphones.

Another cost-cutting tactic happens with the speakers. Most smartphones nowadays come with dual-speakers, but they are not as powerful or effective. Most gamers use headsets or earphones for gaming, and the usage of speakers on these phones is not very high or regular. The output from the speakers is not distorted, but the output on most gaming phones can be better.

Specification Comparison: Gaming Smartphone and Performance Centric Smartphone

Category iQOO 9 Pro Red Magic 7 Pro
Refresh Rate 120Hz 120Hz
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
Battery 4,700mAh 5,000mAh
Charger 135W Fast Charging 120W Fast Charging
Performance Mode Yes Yes
Gaming Triggers No Yes

The list of specifications reveals that the difference between the two phones is very slim. The performance of these phones is very similar, but they are marketed differently. The Red Magic Pro does come with a cooling fan for better thermals, but the iQOO 9 Pro does not show any signs of severe thermal throttling or overheating.

Are Gaming Phones a Gimmick?

Gaming smartphones, unlike gaming PCs, do not solve a greater purpose. Games for the mobile platform haven't seen advancements that require a dedicated system for them to run. Gaming phones have been around for a while now, but the games are unable to utilize the high refresh rate of the screen or the performance that the processor can generate. Adding to that, gaming smartphones come at a premium price, most flagship phones fall under this category.

Do We Need Gaming Smartphones?

Most flagship phones are complete packages, with good camera performance, charging, speakers, and a quality display. The cost-cutting of gaming phones has already been discussed above. However, if you want to own a gaming smartphone and experience it, you can buy one. Using it as your daily smartphone can be challenging.

For people who prioritize gaming, and do not get bothered by the camera performance much, gaming phones are a good option. To make it clear, the camera performance on gaming phones is not poor, but it does not perform as well as the flagship phones in the same price range. Gaming phones are a good option for people who like to 4-to 5 hours of gaming sessions and participate in multiple online tournaments.

This was all about the relevance of gaming phones in today's smartphone market. The future may hold a lot of potential for these devices, but currently, there is nothing additional that these smartphones can do.

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