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Exposing Snapdragon 845, 850, 710 & XR1 Qualcomm’s Chipsets



Recently Qualcomm has released a lot of their new chipsets including Snapdragon 710, 850 and XR1. All of these were released just a few months back and it summed up with already available high performing chipsets for smartphones.

For your general knowledge, let me tell you that the snapdragon 710 is designed for the mid-range smartphones while the snapdragon 850 is used in laptops. The final Snapdragon XR1 gives extra ordinary experience while wearing VR headsets. So let us go a little deeper and explore what we have learned so for.

Snapdragon 845, 850, 710 & XR1 Qualcomm’s Chipsets

The recent Snapdragon 850 and the old Snapdragon 845 are technically the same. They provide almost equal performance but the only difference in their specifications is that the latest Snapdragon 850 runs 2.98GHz, but the Snapdragon 845 features 2.8Ghz.

Else other specs of these chipsets are same including Adreno 630 GPU and Spectra 280 ISP. Now the qualcomm really did a great job by introducing the latest Snapdragon 850 which’ll probably be used to power smartphones as well as laptops.

As the Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 850 looks similar, we’ll be comparing this chipset with our Snapdragon 710 and as well as with XR1. Without any further due, let’s begin.

Snapdragon 845 vs 710

Well, the snapdragon 710 is similar to the snapdragon 660 as like our Snapdragon 845 is to our Snapdragon 850. Reason why company repeats similar configuration chipsets is to make chipsets with updated series. For e.g. Snapdragon 660 was too far to our latest Snapdragon 800 series, that’s why company built the Snapdragon 710 to take it a bit close to the 800 series.

Snapdragon 710 can be used to power mid range smartphones. But the Snapdragon 845 is built to use it in more premium smartphones. The main difference between both of the chipsets is that the performance of Snapdragon 845 is a bit better than the 710 which cannot be judged by just using both of them once, you can experience a smaller difference by using them for a longer period of time.

Snapdragon 845 vs XR1

I already mentioned that the XR1 will be featuring high quality VR experience. That’s the main highlight of this chipset. If I talk about the differences between both of them, the XR1 is made to enhance VR experience by adding 360-degree viewing feature. But the 845 can just do some position trackings.

Also the Snapdragon XR1 is built with the motive to enhance VR headset experience. That means it’ll be better than 845 in terms of VR experience.


We all know Qualcomm produces amazing chipsets everytime. Now, they came up to enhance 3D VR experience. That’s really a good step by Qualcomm and I know very well that they’ll manufacture more quality stuff like this in future.

That’s all I have for today. If you enjoyed reading this article then don’t forget to leave a comment below. Suggestions and comments from your side really boosts me up to write more quality articles for you. To stay updated with the tech market, please turn on the notifications.

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