Google has Launched Six New Digital WellBeing Apps: (Download Now) Digital WellBeing Experiments

Digital WellBeing programme was launched last year at Google I/O 2018. Google is improving this programme day by day. YouTube added a reminder to take a break and Wind Down feature was added. This year Google is expanding this feature under Digital Wellbeing Experiments programme and encouraging app developers to build digital wellbeing in their products. Google has also launched six Digital WellBeing apps which will help to find a better balance between our digital and real worlds.

Digital WellBeing Experiments

Digital Wellbeing Experiments is a platform which encourages designers and developers to build digital wellbeing into their products. Google has shared open-source code and guides for others to make their own experiment. Developers can use the platform to share their ideas and experimental tools to help people find a better balance with technology. You can create  Digital WellBeing Experiments. Click here to know more about it. Not just that but Google has also released 6 Digital WellBeing apps on Google Play Store. Anyone can download these apps to find a better balance with technology. Let’s check them out one by one.

Six Digital WellBeing Apps

1. Unlock Clock

This is basically a live wallpaper which counts how many times you unlock your smartphone in a day. The count starts from Zero and the number increases as many time you unlock your phone. This Live wallpaper is available on Play Store. Once you download it, the app icon won’t show in the app drawer. You have to apply Unlock Clock live wallpaper from the Wallpaper app.


2. Post Box

Post Box is a kind of notification manager. You can choose how many times do you want to get notifications and at what time. That’s it. Post Box will only send you notifications at your selected time so you can better focus on your work. Google described that the notifications will be neatly organized when you receive them.


3. We Flip

This app will help to spent quality time in groups. Just connect all phones by nearby permission and flip the switch to start the session. All phones will be entered to Do not disturb mode. If someone unlocks phone then the session will be ended and everyone will be able to see how they performed.


4. Paper Phone

Google took the Digitial WellBeing to the next level with this Paper Phone experiment. Basically, choose your favourite contacts, maps and meetings and then take out a print on a sheet of paper. This experiment will help to stay away from the digital world.


5. Desert Island

You can choose up to 7 essential apps. You can challenge yourself to use only essential apps for 24 hours. It’s a launcher and the UI is very minimal. In case you want to use other apps then there is an option to do that.


6. Morph

“Stay focused by getting the right apps at the right time” is the Mantra of this app. A Facebook notification is annoying in a business meeting as well as a Business mail is distracting while you’re working out in a gym. You can create different Modes and add related apps in each mode. You can also set Time and Location for different Mode. This app is also a launcher. Switching between different modes is very easy. Just swipe up to change the Mode.


Everyone should try out these apps. Always try to spend quality with your loved once. What do you guys think about this Digital WellBeing Experiments? Let us know in the comment section below.

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