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How Much Do You Know About “Air Max” Brand: Nike



Nike Quiz

When was Nike Inc. founded?

  1. 1976

  2. 1964

  3. 1965

  4. 1975

What was the initial name of the company when it was established?

  1. Blue Ribbon Sports

  2. Blue Sports Nike

  3. Oregon Ribbon Sports

  4. Nike Sports

In November 2019, Nike stopped selling directly through _____.

  1. Walmart

  2. Best Buy

  3. Macy’s

  4. Amazon

Nike was recently replaced by MPL Sports as the Kit Sponsor of which cricket team?

  1. India

  2. Pakistan

  3. Bangladesh

  4. Sri Lanka

Nike teamed up with _____to produce ‘Nike+’ sensors, which monitor a runner’s performance.

  1. Samsung

  2. Fitbit

  3. Apple

  4. G-Shock

What was the fees given for designing Nike’s famous “Swoosh” logo?

  1. $96

  2. $4565

  3. $35

  4. $1035

Where is the world’s largest Nike store situated with a total area of 42,000 square feet?

  1. London, UK

  2. New York City, US

  3. New Delhi, India

  4. Jakarta, Indonesia

Which famous music band accused Nike of using their song for its commercial without permission?

  1. Rolling Stone

  2. The Beatles

  3. One Direction

  4. The Vamps

Pick out the product from the following which is not manufactured by Nike.

  1. Floor mat

  2. Fitness band

  3. Diving equipment

  4. Skateboard

What is the estimated share of Nike in the athletic shoes market?

  1. 28%

  2. 22%

  3. 50%

  4. 62%

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