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Let’s See How Well Do You Know “THE GOLDEN BOY”





How many times did Maradona set the transfer fee world record?

  1. 4

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 0

Maradona never played for which football club in his lifetime?

  1. Napoli

  2. Sevilla

  3. Boca Juniors

  4. Juventus

Against which team did Maradona score his famous “The Hand of God” goal in the 1986 world cup?

  1. England

  2. Italy

  3. West Germany

  4. France

Argentina won the 1986 world cup playing which team under the captaincy of Diego Maradona?

  1. Netherlands

  2. France

  3. West Germany

  4. Bolivia

How many goals did Maradona score for the Argentina national team in his entire career?

  1. 34

  2. 45

  3. 77

  4. 108

Which football club won their first-ever league cup title with Diego Maradona?

  1. Boca Juniors

  2. Sevilla

  3. Napoli

  4. Valencia

With whom did Maradona jointly win the “FIFA Player of the 20th Century” title?

  1. Johan Cruyff

  2. Zinedine Zidane

  3. Paoli Maldini

  4. Pele

Which country fouled Maradona for a record 23 times in the 1982 world cup?

  1. England

  2. Italy

  3. Hungary

  4. West Germany

When did Maradona get a divorce after his marriage in the year 1989?

  1. 2000

  2. 2004

  3. 1994

  4. 1998

Which famous footballer recently paid tribute to the late Diego Maradona by revealing his Newell’s Old Boy no. 10 jersey after scoring a goal?

  1. Bale

  2. Neymar

  3. Harry Kane

  4. Messi

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