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Power Through Pochinki: BGMI Guide to Ace Pochinki in Erangel



BGMI Guide
BGMI Guide

Pochinki is one of the most famous locations in BGMI. The location is a part of the Erangel map in the game and falls in the middle of the map. This is one of the major reasons for its extreme popularity among gamers. It is a very competitive place on the map, and therefore it is very important to know the key things about the game. This BGMI Guide will help you understand everything about the location, and will also have tips based on the way you play the game.

Understanding the Location

Pochinki is one of the most popular and populated locations in BGMI. There are multiple reasons for it. First is the position of the location on the map. It is located in the centre of the map, making every other location on the equidistant from there. If players land in Pochinki, they can plan rotations anywhere on the map.

BGMI Guide

Secondly, being in the centre of the map, Pochinki falls on the path of the plane often. This makes players drop and land there, making the area populated and full of players. Thirdly, Pochinki is a city with multiple buildings. Players can take high ground, change positions and even hide in the houses if needed.

BGMI Guide

It is divided by a road that runs from the middle, players can choose to land on either side of the road, and execute their strategy. The presence of buildings, houses, and garages allows players to spread out and take multiple positions to stay away from the enemy while being able to track and take them down.

Drop Locations for Rush Gamers in Pochinki

As mentioned above, there are two sides to Pochinki. One has a lot more houses and buildings than the other. If you and your squad follow the rush gameplay, then it is best to land in the centre compound. This is the biggest compound on the map with multiple houses where you and your squad can get maximum loot and supplies. The presence of multiple houses also allows players to execute formations where they can keep an eye on the enemy while being in a cover fire range of their teammates.

BGMI Guide

Another good landing location for rush gamers is the squad house in Pochinki. The squad house in Pochinki is slightly far from the main buildings, but getting a hold of the building will give you a clear movement of the enemy movements. Since there are not a lot of buildings around, the risk of getting backstabbed also lowers.

BGMI Guide

These two locations should be your top priority if you are a rush player. However, it is important to keep in mind that no position in Pochinki is safe because a lot of players drop in this area. It is essential to stay aware of your surroundings and position.

Drop Location for Campers

Camping is not appreciated in the BGMI community, but it is a part of the gameplay for some people. This BGMI guide will also cover the ideal drop location for campers in the game. Camping is a style of gameplay that involves hiding in places, without being traced by the enemy. The primary motive of camping is to not get located by the enemy, and not take fights unless absolutely necessary.

There are not a lot of options for campers in Pochinki because it is a busy location on the map. However, there are a few places that are more isolated than others. These places are ideal for campers. The first place is the Church in Pochinki. The Church has multiple advantages. Firstly, it is on higher ground. Staying on a higher ground allows players to have a better view of the surroundings and the action. Secondly, the church is a little away from the main buildings, so it allows you to have a safe hideout. However, one thing to remember is that the Church does not have a lot of loot, so if the entire squad lands there, it might not be beneficial.

BGMI Guide

Another good option for campers to land is the lone house southwards of Pochinki. This house is separated from the main area of Pochinki and allows players to hide very well. The two-storey house can easily accommodate 4 players, but the loot will not be enough for all players in the squad. This house will also keep you away from the action, and you will not be able to keep an eye on the ongoing fights.

BGMI Guide

Tips To Survive Pochinki

Be in Pairs

If you are playing in a squad of 4, it is very important to have your teammates' back. Make sure to be in pairs. Being in pairs allows you to have more vigilance and more gun power. Being alone is never a good option in BGMI unless you are the last player in the team alive.

Choose the Right Guns

Guns play a major role in BGMI. There are multiple categories of guns in the game. However, for Pochinki, it is best to have automatic guns in your loadout. Assault Rifles and Sub-Machine Guns are the best options for players in BGMI. These guns can shoot sprays of bullets, creating more damage on the enemy. The power-on some of these guns is also high, making them a good option for close combat. Pochinki is a small area, and the possibility of close combats is very high.

Be Clear About the Rotation

There can be times when you need to leave the area because of the high presence of the enemy. Situations like these need a quick rotation of the entire squad. It is important to have a clear rotation plan from the moment you land. This will prevent the confusion of where to go, and will also help the team to make quick movements along with the map.

You are Never Alone

If you can not see any enemy around, and think it is a good idea to freely move in order to pick up loot or supplies, you might run into danger. BGMI is a combat game, but it also rewards the players who are good with stealth. Enemies can be hiding, or looking at you, waiting for you to make one wrong move. It is critical to always be in cover, and be aware of the surroundings.

BGMI Guide

This is all you need to know about Pochinki. The area is a very intense location on the Erangel map, and keeping the things mentioned in this BGMI guide will help you perform better in this location. For more such game guides, and tips and tricks, keep an eye on Techburner.

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