PUBG Mobile Introduces Premium Subscription Plans.

PUBG Mobile which is a famous and most loved game by the users. It is an online multiplayer game with simple UI and Gameplay which is also a reason for its popularity. It was released on 20th December 2017 and Its download size is around 13GB and if you download all maps then its download size will be 17GB(approx) on PC and around 3GB(approx) on Mobile. Now, They have introduced two PUBG subscription plans for users which will help users in buying new in-game items more easily with special discounts and offers. Both the plans are not too much expensive as users can get many things from it. The two plans are Prime Subscription and Prime Plus Subscription which will give more benefit to the users in coming days. So, Read the full article to find more information about plans:

About PUBG Subscription:

Recently, PUBG introduces two plan for users. The subscriptions are Prime and Prime Plus Subscription. Both will give benefits to the user if they buy it. Prime Plan costs Rs. 79 on iOS and Rs. 85 on Android. The Prime Plus Plan costs Rs. 799 for iOS and Rs. 850 for Android. Therefore, You can also get it for Rs. 419 on iOS and at Rs 390 on Android for the first month. There is no information about the difference between the price of plans for Android and iOS.

Benefits of Prime Subscription and Prime Plus Subscription Plan:

Prime Plan offers subscriber to purchase items from battle points(BP) for 7 days or 30 days which is very good for the users. Therefore, users will also get 5 Unknown Cash(UC) every day for 30 days and up to 150 UC.

Prime Plus Plan subscriber will get 20 UC each day up to 600 UC. Therefore, They can also purchase items with BP for a period of 7 days or 30 days or permanent. They will also get 10 RP points/day. So, there will be daily discounts on different items. Subscribers will also get 50% off on first classic crates every day.

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