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battlegrounds mobile India

BGMI is developed by which company?

  1. Krafton

  2. EA Games

  3. Gameloft

  4. Activision

How many Classic Royale maps are available in BGMI?

  1. 3

  2. 2

  3. 5

  4. 6

BGMI is specifically made for which country?

  1. USA

  2. Sri Lanka

  3. China

  4. India

Full form of BGMI is Battle Game Mobile India.

  1. True

  2. False

Which of the following Indian gamers was not seen in the BGMI trailer?

  1. Dynamo

  2. Mortal

  3. Kronten

  4. Jonathan

Which in-game currency used in BGMI?

  1. VP

  2. GP

  3. UC

  4. GC

What is the full form of “AR” weapon in the game?

  1. Armed Rifle

  2. Assault Rifle

  3. Assault Ranged

  4. None of the above

What is the term used for a 4v4 match in the game?

  1. Team Death

  2. Squad Death

  3. Mini Map

  4. None of the above

__ is not a confirmed map in BGMI.

  1. Heaven

  2. Erangel

  3. Miramar

  4. Ruins

When did the Android pre-registration start for BGMI?

  1. 18th April

  2. 18th May

  3. 10th March

  4. 1st May

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