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This Quiz Will Prove Your Love For Tech



Tech Quiz



What was the initial name of Google?

  1. Gogol

  2. Googol

  3. Goggle

  4. Gogle

Which was the First Smartphone to Feature Android?

  1. Nexus One

  2. Motorola Cliq

  3. HTC Dream

  4. Samsung Galaxy Original

Which one of the followings used to transfer data from the server?

  1. FTP

  2. RDP

  3. SSH

  4. SSL

Which of these technologies helps to call over the Internet?

  1. VoIP

  2. Mobile Data

  3. Calling

  4. Laptop

What does the term “Algorithm” mean?

  1. Set of Data

  2. Set of Instructions

  3. Set of Information

  4. Set of Calls

Which of the followings is the fastest payment method?

  1. NEFT

  2. RTGS

  3. IMPS

  4. Bank Manager

Which of the followings is not a Linux based Operating System?

  1. macOS

  2. Windows

  3. Ubuntu

  4. ChromeOS

Which of these followings is used as the medium in Fibre Optic Technology?

  1. Light

  2. Sound

  3. Electricity

  4. Vaccum

Guess the Color – RGB (0, 0, 0)

  1. White

  2. Red

  3. Black

  4. Green

Bruh! You don't love Tech

Bro! How much Tech Videos You Watch Daily?

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