Top 5 Apps of September 2020 That Should You Try Now

Nowadays, smartphone applications are helping us a lot to make our daily life a lot more productive. We use applications to note down our daily tasks, to wake up earlier, to get more attention to our studies. Also, we have picked the Top 5 Apps of September 2020, which will increase our productivity by a large margin. Now, it’s time to double-up our productivity with the help of Best 5 Apps of September 2020. Today, in this article we will be suggesting you our all-time-favourite Top 5 Android Apps of September 2020. We have given the download link of all Best 5 Apps September 2020 from the Play Store to ensure security for all readers. So, without any delay, let’s get started with Top 5 Apps of September.

Best 5 Apps of September 2020

From the vast collection of apps available on the play store, we have picked a few and put it on the list of Best 5 Apps of September 2020. These apps will help you in your day-to-day activities. We will also provide the download links of all the apps mentioned below. So, let’s get started with our list of the Top 5 Apps of September.

Top 5 Apps of September 2020

So, here are the top 5 picked apps that will make your work more ease.


We can not carry a diary and paper all the time to write notes or something important. In this circumstance, Squid will help us. Squid is a vector-based application, which allows us to note down important things on our device. Squid plays a similar role as our notebook plays for us. We can erase the letters and words quickly with the help of an inbuilt erasing tool.  Squid is easy to use and comes with a minimal user interface. We can change the colour and thickness of our handwritten texts and even resize them without any loss of quality. Also, Squid provides us with different forms to export our handwritten notes such as PDF, PNG, and JPEG. The reason we added Squid on the list of Best 5 Apps of September 2020 because of its handier and efficient features. Let’s move on to the next beneficial app from the list of Top 5 Apps of September 2020.

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Bamboo Paper

Bamboo Paper allows us to turn our smartphones and tablets into a paper and capture our ideas, thoughts, and opinions everywhere and anytime. With the help of Bamboo Paper, we can take notes quickly, just like what we do using a real pen and paper. This app provides us with 36 colour choices, or else we can use our custom colour pallets as well. We can add images to our pages and do a sketch or write on the pictures too.

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To-Do List Reminder with Widget

The best part about this app is that it is an Indian made application. If you are not good at remembering dates and tasks, you can try the To-Do List Reminder application. With the help of To-Do List Reminder, we can schedule our daily tasks effectively and efficiently. It also has a smart home screen widget feature which shows the to-do list instantly on the home screen itself. Moreover, we can assign and create different categories for our daily tasks. This app effectively organizes our to-do items based on day, week, and month. Now, let’s move on to the next useful app from the list of Top 5 Apps of September 2020.

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App Usage

Smartphone plays a vital role in our day to day life, but most of the time, we use it in the wrong manner. App Usage is a powerful device usage management app. It gathers the data of our phone usage, such as app usage history, most-used apps, and a lot more. It also determines the data of how many times we have checked our phone in a day. With the help of App Usage, we can figure out where we are spending most of the time. App Usage has an amazing 1-tap uninstall feature, which allows us to uninstall multiple apps at once. This app is a must-try because being productive is always the best thing.

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Replika: My AI Friend

AI is becoming more and more useful to accomplish our daily tasks. Replika is a No. 1 chatbot companion, which is powered by Artificial Intelligence. Replika is an AI chatbot that can form emotional connections with anyone. People use Replika to develop their personality, whereas some talk about their feelings to her. Also, people use it to have fun and to reduce anxiety. In the very beginning, we can choose what kind of relationship we want with Replica such as a friend, romantic partner, mentor, etc. This app is beneficial if you’re going to increase your confidence and also get familiar with talking to people with a lot more smartness.

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The Replica was the last app from the list of Top 5 Android Apps of September 2020. These are productive and must-try apps from the list of Top 5 Android Apps of September 2020. That’s enough for this article, and we hope you liked the Best 5 Apps of September 2020. Comment down your favourite app from the list of Top 5 Apps of September. Till then, take care and enjoy these apps.

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