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Top 5 Music Equalizer Apps For Android



We all listen to our favourite Music on our smartphones. Sometimes with the help of earphone or headphone and even on the loudspeaker too. The inbuilt music player has some limitation, they are not functional enough. There is a number of Music Equalizer apps available on Google Play Store which helps you to customize your music according to your choice. Many of us like Bass Boosted songs and Surround Sound Effect. All these apps can adjust various frequency in order to get the perfect sound output. That's pretty cool right! Let's know more about top music equalizer apps for Android.


Equalizer is a very effective music equalizer app for android device. The interface of the app is very clear. There are 11 different presets available including Heavy Metal, Pop, Flat, Classical etc. You can simply customize your music by clicking on this presets. There is a Preset auto detect option which automatically identifies your music and selects the best Preset for you. If you want to change the frequency manually then you can do that by clicking on the Arrow. It also includes Bass Boost, Surround Sounds, and Sound Amplifier. The free version works fine but if you want some additional feature then you can purchase the paid version as well.

Click here to Download Equalizer

10 Band Equalizer

Unlike any other equalizer apps, 10 Band Equalizer app allows you to adjust the 10 different frequencies. Most of the app allows you to control only 5 bands but as the name suggests you can adjust 10 bands in this app. This app opens as an overlay and has a built-in music player. There are 12 presets present and in case you want to adjust them manually then you can easily do that. Also, you can adjust Bass and Treble according to your choice. If you're using an earphone then you can also balance the volume output between left and right speakers. Also, you can save custom presets. The app is free which includes ads and there is no paid version available.

Click here to Download 10 Band Equalizer

Equalizer - Music Bass Booster

This app has an old design which looks good. It also comes with 5 Band equalizer and 10 Presets. Bass booster of this app is very impressive. There is an option of Virtualization which creates an effect of surround sound, which makes overall music listening experience more soothing. There is a big volume slider which is handy in use. The app shows you different kinds of the Spectrum based on the music you are playing. The app is free and comes with ads. If you love high bass then this is the app for you.

Click here to Download Equalizer - Music Bass Booster

Bass Booster & Equalizer

This is the best Equalizer app available on Play Store. It is only 5 Band Equalizer but it is very effective. Bass Boost Effect and the 3D effect works perfectly. There are 16 presets and all of them are quite impressive. After using this app you will not like the unequalized music. There are colorful themes available. The free app comes with ads but you can remove the ads by watching 5 videos. Give this app a try.

Click here to Download Bass Booster & Equalizer

Music Volume EQ

This is the last app on our list. Music Volume EQ is a powerful Equalizer which comes with similar 5 Band Equalizer and 9 Presets. Bass Booster and Virtualization is also present. There is one click Bass option which instantly increases the Bass. The spectrum shows colorful lines dancing with the beats of the music. There are two themes Classical and Material, Material theme looks better. The app is free and shows ads at the bottom.

Click here to Download Music Volume EQ

All these apps work fine with all music players. Happy Listening and Stay Tuned with us for amazing app recommendations.

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