This Little Tooth Sensor Sticks On Your Tooth to Monitor Your Diet

A team of researchers from Tufts University, Massachusett has invented a small Bluetooth device. Which is going to help you to be fit, and healthy. The researchers from Tufts University has invented a pinhead-sized tooth sensor, which fits on your enamel and monitors your food intake. Sounds so innovative? Let’s take a look at the whole story.

How does the tooth sensor it works?

This tooth sensor works wirelessly, it connects with a mobile app and provides data on your smartphone: You can track your glucose levels, blood alcohol level, salt intake, and much more important things. According to Scientists, the future version of the tooth sensor device will be sensitive to a wide range of chemicals, nutrients, and even the health of your mouth.

This 2mm X 2mm Sensor is featured with a bio-responsive layer which gets the receives signal from your mouth.

tooth sensor

According to the Scientists, they have already tried to make this type of devices earlier. But they were either so huge to fit on a tooth or had too many wires. So no they got the best solution after making this sensor.

Scientists have also claimed that this device will help Diabetes patients to track their sugar intake and sugar level in their blood. Now let’s see what will happen after the Official Release of this Device.

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