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Ultimate Falcon and The Winter Soldier Quiz



falcon Quiz


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier is streaming on which OTT platform?

  1. Disney+ Hotstar

  2. Prime Video

  3. Netflix

  4. SonyLIV

When did the series’ first episode come out?

  1. 28th February 2021

  2. 10th March 2021

  3. 15th March 2021

  4. 19th March 2021

According to the series, what is the age of Bucky?

  1. 106 Years

  2. 93 Years

  3. 101 Years

  4. 98 Years

What is the name of the stealth drone Falcon uses?

  1. Stealth 1

  2. The Winger

  3. Redwing

  4. None of the above

In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who gave Bucky his new hi-tech prosthetic arm?

  1. Black Panther

  2. Tony Stark

  3. Falcon

  4. Vision

“The Winter Soldier” was an agent/assassin for which organization?


  2. HYDRA

  3. U.S. Army

  4. Soviet Union

In which movie did Sam Wilson (Falcon) appear for the first time?

  1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  2. Avengers: Age of Ultron

  3. Captain America: Civil War

  4. Iron Man 3

Bucky Barnes assassinated the parents of which important character?

  1. Agent Fury

  2. Falcon

  3. Tony Stark

  4. None of the above

In the first episode, Falcon executed his mission in ____.

  1. Afghanistan

  2. UAE

  3. Libya

  4. Tunisia

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