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Why is My Mobile Phone Overheating? [5 Common Reasons]



Reasons of mobile overheating

Do you find your phone become too hot to handle when you’re using it? So, you may think, is heating of phone normal? Yes, it’s natural for smartphones to create heat and get warm, particularly when used excessively. But Android phone overheating can lead to internal damage, software problems, or even a blast. Also, phone heating up and draining battery is a major problem. It may shut down automatically until it has cooled down under certain circumstances. But what causes mobile overheating? It’s tough to establish the exact reasons for your mobile phone overheating. Before that, understand what’s considered mobile phone overheating. It’s natural to feel your phone warmer after 30 minutes of intense gaming. However, if your phone shows an overheating alarm or feels unusually hot to the touch, look into it. Here we’ve outlined six frequent reasons why is mobile phone overheating.

5 Common Reasons of Mobile Phone Overheating

1. Excessive usage

Reasons of mobile overheating

Using the phone’s camera for extended periods of time, having a high screen brightness, or playing visually intense games are all major reasons for Android phone overheating. If you use your phone nonstop, its CPU will have to operate continually. So, it generates a lot of heat. The heat is dispersed via the body of the phone. 

Therefore, any app using a lot of processing power will certainly cause your phone heating up and draining battery. Besides, sub-optimal settings like high brightness also result in excessive heat production. Poor cellular network conditions are other reasons for overheating. Your phone has to look for signals continually, causing it to overwork and generate a lot of heat.

2. Malware or a buggy software update cause overheating phone 

Faulty software is often the root of mobile phone overheating. The malware makes the program get stuck in a loop, using processing resources. So, the app takes excessive memory consumption, resulting in increased heat production. So, always download applications from legitimate app shops.

3. A faulty battery, cable, or charger

Reasons of mobile overheating

“Why my phone is getting hot while charging” is one of the common questions. This is really a lot riskier than you would imagine. Damaged or duplicate batteries, cords, and chargers may cause mobile phones to become dangerously hot. 

The incidents of phones exploding while charging mostly involve the use of unauthorized chargers and low-quality cords. Only original or authorized third-party accessories should be used.

Tips: Don’t charge your phone while sleeping since you can’t identify major overheating concerns. Most essential, don’t keep your phone under your pillow. It generates heat that the phone can not absorb because of the cushion. It may cause the pillow to catch fire.

4. Blocked ventilation leads to Android phone heating up

Reasons of mobile overheating

Why is my phone hot despite using it? The reason can be high ambient temperatures, such as hot summer days, or your phone being left in direct sunlight and severe heat. Then the heat of the phone’s GPS, CPU, and screen adds up and results in overheating phone. 

Low-quality phone cases are another cause of overheating mobile phones. Mobile phones usually ventilate heat from the back. If you have a thick mobile cover, you’re preventing the heat from cooling by air. So, stay away from too thick phone cases and choose ones with a decent thermal design. 

6. Older hardware and internal damage

Because of a variety of circumstances, older technology, particularly CPUs, may often overheat the phone. The thermal paste between the CPU and the heat sink may wear off over time. It limits the heat sink’s efficacy and prevents it from transferring excessive heat away from the processor. So, always take safeguards by modifying your use habits (taking breaks while playing heavy games) and changing settings (turning off Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, or limiting the display timeout). If you drop your phone, it may loosen components, resulting in short circuits. Some of these short circuits may not be visible but cause mobile overheating.

So, that all are the reasons of mobile overheating. For more tech stuff, follow TechBurner!

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