Android 11 Beta is Here: Check Out Features, Supported Devices and Roll-Out

Every year Google releases its beta software available to users and developers. After multiple developer previews for the upcoming update to Android, Google has finally released Android 11 Beta for Pixel phones and a handful of other devices. After it cancelled the June 3 event due to the ongoing protests. The Android 11 Beta is categorized into three groups by Google: People, Control and Privacy. Year after year, Google improves the feature quite significantly and keep a major chunk of attention for privacy. Additionally, this year Android 11 Beta feature brings chat bubbles, improved media controls, and improved control over sensitive permissions. Continue this article to know more about Android 11 Beta new features, Android 11 Beta supported devices and Android 11 roll-out information.

Android 11 Beta New Features

There are quite a lot of new features that Android 11 Beta brings. Here’s a complete list of Android 11 new features.

Dedicated Conversation Notifications

Messages from any texting app are going to appear in their own section at the top of the notification shade just below Quick Settings. From that section, one will be able to take specific actions like open the conversation as a bubble. Also, create a conversation shortcut on your phone’s home screen or set a reminder. Finally, a long-press of the conversation notification lets you set it as a priority.

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices


Google adds a conversation change introducing in Android 11 Beta having a chat bubble. This will keep the ongoing conversations in the form of a bubble that you can tap to access from anywhere on your phone. This feature is very well inspired by Facebook Messenger Chat bubble, which we will see with Android 11.

One-time permissions

Android 11 continues to fine-tune permissions, adding an “Only this time” option. This feature will give apps one-time access to things like location tracking, microphone and the camera. When you stop using the app, the permission expires. This feature is already seen in iOS users, and it’s good to see that come to Android 11 Beta.

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

Do Not Disturb and Notification Tweaks

The new Do Not Disturb feature in Android 11 Beta have now broader customization options that let you pick the apps or contacts that are permitted to trigger notifications.

New Power Button Menu 

Android 11 Beta now adds a new power button menu. From this menu, one will able to access options for payment cards, smart home device controls and other settings.

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

New media player widget

Google adds a new media player widget in Android 11 Beta to the notification shade that lets you control media playback. It adds an option to play, pause and skip tracks. One will also be able to open the relevant media app directly from the notification shade. This new feature is somewhat similar to Control Center on iPhones.

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

Screen recording

Google had tried to bring a native screen recorder feature in Android 10. But somehow it did not make it in the final version of the OS. Google now finally adds screen recording feature in this Beta version.

Screenshot Changes

Another iOS-like change, screenshots taken in Android 11 now appear in the lower-left corner of the screen instead of in the notification. Android 11 recent menu also adds buttons for taking and sharing screenshots in addition to selecting text.

Support for New Screens

These new screens feature helpful for developers, though every end-user can test it. Android 11 Beta is adding tools that will let app developers optimize their software for different displays like foldable screens.

New Icon Shapes

Android 11 will now have new icon shapes, referred to as Vessel, TaperedRect and Pebble. Users can customize settings according to their preference.

Suggested apps in the Dock

Android 11 will now give you the option of accessing frequently used apps via a row on the home screen. Those suggested apps will change based on the way you use your smartphone.

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

5G support

With 5G networks coming up, Google is taking steps to make sure that Android can take full advantage of the faster speeds and lower latency. For which a Dynamic Meteredness API in Android 11 will help to check to see if a 5G cellular connection is unmetered. Google has also added the ability for apps to detect the kind of 5G network a phone is connected to so that the phone’s performance can be adjusted accordingly.

Faster screen refresh rates

In Android 11, apps and games will be able to set preferred refresh rates. This will allow games to take advantage of phones with displays having faster refresh rates. It will make for an enhanced gaming experience.

Improvements with Streaming Services

The Android 11 will help improve performance for streaming services like Google Stadia.

Call Screening Improvements

Google will be adding APIs in Android 11 that will allow call-screening apps to do a better job handling assistant calls.

Mandatory Seamless Updates

Since Android 9 Nougat, Google has included a seamless update feature. Furthermore, in Android 11, it will reduce device downtime whenever a software update rolls out.

Android 11 Beta: Supported Devices

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

Here is a list of Android 11 Beta Supported Device:

  • Pixel 2/Pixel 2 XL
  • Google Pixel 3/Pixel 3 XL
  • Pixel 3a/Pixel 3a XL
  • Google Pixel 4/Pixel 4 XL
  • Oppo Find X2/Find X2 Pro
  • Xiaomi Mi 10/Mi 10 Pro
  • Poco F2 Pro
  • OnePlus 8/8 Pro
  • Realme X50 Pro
  • Vivo Nex 3s
  • iQOO 3

Android 11 Beta Program download steps for Pixel devices

If you own Pixel 2 or higher device here is how to get the latest Android 11 Beta. So, you can enjoy the latest update before the stable Android 11 roll-out begins.

  1. Grab your Pixel 2 or any newer Google phone and make sure it’s powered on.
  2. Go to the Android 11 preview site.
  3. Click “enroll in the Android Beta program.”
  4. Sign in with the same Google account used for your Pixel. Soon after that, you should get an update alert on your phone.
  5. Approve the update and refer to your phone’s on-screen prompts to download and install the Android 11 beta.

Android 11 Beta Program download for Non-Pixel devices

For now only OnePlus 8/8 Pro has released its Android 11 Beta Program. Whereas device mentioned above like Realme X50 Pro, Oppo Find X2 Series etc. will get the update soon.

How to Install Android 11 Beta on OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro

android 11 beta new features, android 11 roll-out, android 11 beta supported devices

OnePlus 8: Link

OnePlus 8 Pro: Link

  1. Download the upgrade zip package from the specified links. Ensure that the phone’s battery level is above 30 per cent and a minimum 3GB of storage space is available.
  2. Copy the update package to the phone storage.
  3. Go to Settings > System > System Updates > Click top right icon > Local upgrade > Click on the corresponding installation package > Upgrade > System upgrade completed to 100 percent.
  4. After the upgrade is complete, click Restart.
  5. The update should be successful.

Android 11 roll-out for all other devices will begin from Q3 2020. We will be updating you all as soon as other OEMs releases its Beta update.

That’s it for today. Stay Tuned to TECHBURNER for more tech updates!

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