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Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide: Assault Rifles to Look Out For



Apex legends Mobile Game Guide

Weeks of wait, anticipation, and pre-registration later, Apex Legends Mobile has finally been released on Android and iOS platforms. Players can now experience the critically acclaimed PC multiplayer game on their smartphones and devices. Playing with characters with unique abilities will bring a new take on the mobile gaming platform. The game will also be a direct competition to already present and popular mobile online multiplayer games like BGMI, PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty, and Free Fire MAX. For the Indian players and gaming community, choosing between BGMI and Apex Legends Mobile will be a tough decision. Nevertheless, everyone will still want to experience the newest arrival in town, and it is good to have knowledge about the guns in the game. This Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide will talk about the 5 Assault Rifles you should look out for.

Best Assault Rifles in Apex Legends Mobile

Havoc Rifle

We will start the list with a hit or miss weapon in the game. The Havoc rifle has good damage to performance ratio, and it is an auto-fire spin assault rifle. One drawback of the rifle is that it takes a split second before shooting, but this can be fixed with the Turbocharge hop-up. The gun comes with a good damage to performance ratio coupled with a good rate of fire for the aggressive players.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide

Damage Head-32
Magazine Default Mag: 26
Level 1 Mag: 30
Level 2 Mag: 34
Level 3 Mag: 38
Ammo Energy
Range 494 meters
Firing Mode Auto


Flatline looks like the classic rifle. The design of the gun looks a little old, but that does not cut down on the performance or the damage that it does. It comes with a default mag size of 24, but it is enough to take down your enemies if you can land the right shots. The gun is ideal for mid-range and close combats, and every player should give it a try once while playing the game. It is important to remember to use it in hip-fire mode when you are super close to the enemy. The rate of fire is also slow, but the damage makes up for it.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide

Damage Head: 32
Body: 18
Leg: 14
Magazine Default Mag: 22
Level 1 Mag: 27
Level 2 Mag: 31
Level 3 Mag: 34
Ammo Heavy
Range 461 meters
Firing Mode Auto/Single shot

Hemlock Burst AR

Burst guns can be very challenging, and it is not easy for every player to have a good hold on these guns. However, the Hemlock Burst AR is one of the most powerful guns in Apex Legends Mobile. It can be a very effective gun if you have a good aim in the game. Players can switch between the burst mode and the single fire mode. The recoil of the gun is easy to predict, and you can get used to it very soon. Due to the damage and good rate of fire, the Hemlock Burst will be a very good option for mid-range flights. It is not a good idea to use this gun at close range if you want to be the survivor at the end of the match.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide

Damage Head: 39
Body: 22
Leg: 17
Magazine Default Mag: 21
Level 1 Mag: 27
Level 2 Mag: 30
Level 3 Mag: 36
Ammo Heavy
Range 612 meters
Firing Mode Single-shot/burst

R-301 Carbine

The assault rifles in Apex Legends Mobile are very effective, but the R-301 Carbine can very easily become the fan-favourite gun very easily. It comes with a low damage ratio, but it compensates for that with good positioning, rate of fire, and recoil that can be easily controlled by mobile gamers. If you are a beginner and want to rely on a good gun to start the gaming journey, this is the right gun for you.

Apex Legends Mobile Game Guide

Damage Head: 25
Body: 14
Leg: 12
Magazine Default Mag: 20
Level 1 Mag: 22
Level 2 Mag: 26
Level 3 Mag: 32
Ammo Light
Range 475 meters
Firing Mode Auto/Single shot

These were the assault rifles that you should look out for in Apex Legends Mobile. This Apex Legends Mobile game guide will help you understand the properties of every assault rifle in the game, and make it easier for you to choose the one before starting with the game.

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