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Apex Legends Mobile vs Apex Legends PC: Differences You Should Know About



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Apex Legends Mobile is finally here after a long wait. The online multiplayer game that gained a lot of popularity and managed to create a solid and loyal fanbase has now come to the mobile platform. The first look and experience of the game look very promising and engaging, and it is also fun to play. The developers have stayed loyal to the PC version of the game and tried to keep most of the details and mechanics intact. That being said, there are some differences between the PC version and the mobile version that you should know about before playing the game.


One of the most frustrating parts about playing an online multiplayer game is the part where you are looking for matches and teammates if you are playing with random players. As a gaming enthusiast in India, it used to get very upsetting when matchmaking took a long time on the PC version of the game. Apex Legends PC has only server options for players in India, Bahrain and Singapore. Getting into a suitable match in both these servers takes a long time, and the lobby fills up very slowly as well.

Apex Legends Mobile

In Apex Legends Mobile, this experience is different. Finding a match and players to play with does not a lot of time. There are times when it is immediate. This is important because it helps in retaining the new players who are trying the game for the first time on mobile. Whether you are playing a solo match or playing with a team of random players. The match starts fast.

Controls and Confusion

Apex Legends became popular because of the multiple special instincts and skills that every character has. Players who indulge in gaming only for recreation had difficulties with assigning and memorizing multiple keys to different actions. The mobile version of the game makes it easier for the players to toggle and launch these actions. Every control is on the screen and no player needs to remember these keys. It can be difficult in the beginning, but it is easier to build muscle memory. It makes playing the game less challenging and more immersive, especially for beginners. The sizes and the position of the controls can be changed and managed based on your preferences.

Graphics and Visuals

Apex Legends PC had very vibrant and good-looking graphics. The setting of the game in a futuristic dystopian landscape was new for gamers all around the world. The graphics of Apex Legends Mobile look good, and on the highest graphics settings, it looks very good. However, it does not look as good as the PC version of the game. There are no problems with the mobile version. It is smooth and snappy, but if you have played the game before on PC or console, you might not enjoy it as much initially. It is a good game, and speaking from personal experience, it does not take a lot of time to get used to it.

Apex Legends Mobile is a good game, and it is good to see online multiplayer titles making big strides into the mobile platform. Understanding and remembering these things will let you perceive the game more open-mindedly rather than comparing it to the PC version. For more such stories, keep an eye on Techburner.

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