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Are You Fan Enough To Score 8/10 In This TVF Aspirant’s Quiz



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Which production house created the web series Aspirants?

  1. Dice Media

  2. AIB

  3. The Viral Fever

  4. East India Comedy

What is the name of the (or Who is the) senior living in the room next to Abhilash’s?

  1. Sandesh Bhaiyya

  2. Sandeep Bhaiyya

  3. Pardeep Bhaiyya

  4. Ramesh Bhaiyya

Dhairya marries Walia Uncle in the show.

  1. True

  2. False

Who is getting married in the series?

  1. SK

  2. Sandeep Bhaiyya

  3. Guri

  4. Walia Uncle

Abhilash is the DM of which city?

  1. Delhi

  2. Kanpur

  3. Kashipur

  4. Rampur

Which place in the series is considered a hub for UPSC coaching?

  1. Rajeev Gandhi Nagar

  2. Rajendra Nagar

  3. Vikaspuri

  4. Mayapuri

Abhilash, SK, and Guri were called Table in college.

  1. True

  2. False

Sandeep Bhaiyya passes the ___ exam at the series’ end.

  1. UPSC

  2. JEE

  3. PCS

  4. RRB

Where does Abhilash meet Dhairya for the first time?

  1. Admission office

  2. Library

  3. Movie Theatre

  4. Tea stall

Who says “Plan B Hona Chaahiye Bhai Abhilash, Bahut Zaroori Hai”?

  1. Abhilash’s PA

  2. SK

  3. Guri

  4. Walia Aunty

Looks like it’s your final attempt for UPSC

Who is your real-life Sandeep bhaiya

Do you also live in Old Rajendra Nagar

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