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“Gajab Bezzati Hai” If You Are Not Able To Score 8/10 In This Quiz



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Which production house created the 2020 web series Panchayat?

  1. TVF

  2. AIB

  3. Dice Media

  4. Amazon Prime Video

Panchayat is available on which streaming platform?

  1. Netflix

  2. Sony Liv

  3. YouTube Red

  4. Amazon Prime Video

Abhishek was not happy with his government job.

  1. True

  2. False

For which aptitude test was Abhishek preparing during his stay at Phulera?

  1. PCS

  2. CAT

  3. UPSC

  4. JEE

What did the groom take from Abhishek?

  1. TV

  2. Money

  3. Phone

  4. Chakke Waali Kursi

What was written on the slip when the monitor screen was returned?

  1. Galti Se Le Gaye The

  2. Humko Lagaa TV Tha

  3. Kuchh Chalta Hi Nahi Hai Issme

  4. YouTube Hai Hi Nahi Issme

Manju Devi was not the official Pradhan of Phulera.

  1. True

  2. False

What was the name of Pradhan Jee’s daughter?

  1. Rinki

  2. Pinki

  3. Sweety

  4. Komal

Where did Abhishek meet Pradhan Jee’s daughter?

  1. At home

  2. On water tank

  3. In office

  4. During wedding

Gajab Bezzati Hai Yaar!!

Do you also have a Chakke waali Kursi?

Are you a candidate for Gram Panchayat Election?

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