How to Watch Chandrayaan 2 Live Launch: (All Mirrors to Watch Live Launch of Chandrayaan 2)

Once again India is going to achieve something that’s going to leap the boundaries of Indian Space Technology, and with the launch of Chandrayaan 2 Mission India will show the world that we have achieved the thing others are still struggling for. So, I know you guys are really excited to watch the Live Launch of Chandrayaan 2 Mission / GSLV MkIII – M1. So, here we are with the thread of How to Watch Chandrayaan 2 Live Launch, and sharing some important facts too. We are sharing every detail where you can watch the Chandrayaan 2 live launch with our Techburner family.


With Chandrayaan 2, India will become only the fourth country in the world to place a rover on the Moon. Previously, the United States, Russia, and China have landed rovers on the Moon. Now, it’s India’s turn to rise and shine above all! With, Chandrayaan 2 live launch updates, be a part of everything!

The Chandrayaan 2 live launch will take place at 2:43 pm this afternoon. It will be live-streamed on multiple platforms.

The Chandrayaan 2 live launch steaming will begin after 2 pm, closer to the launch time. Among the television channels that will show live visuals of the Chandrayaan 2 launch will be India Today TV, Aaj Tak and the public broadcaster Doordarshan.


The Chandrayaan 2 is scheduled to launch at 14:43 IST on July 22. Here you can watch the live launch updates.

Chandrayaan-2 live launch update

You can watch the Chandrayaan 2 launch live in YouTube or Live Blogs linked below!

You can also watch live steam of the Chandrayaan 2 launch on the YouTube channel or the Facebook and Twitter pages of the Press Information Bureau.

How to Watch Chandrayaan 2 Live Launch Here:

If you’re in an area where the speed of the network is less, please do follow the live blogs. Else, opt for the YouTube/ ISRO Official live stream of Chandrayaan 2 Live Launch!

Official ISRO Live Stream

News18 Live Launch Blog

Times of India Live Launch Blog

Or else, you can watch the YouTube live stream here(HINDI).

Also, we would love to congratulate each and every Indian and the whole ISRO team for achieving such a wonderful goal. All the best to our Chandrayaan Mission, it’s going to succeed for sure.

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