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Download Google Pixel 4A Wallpapers



Well, we all know how cool the wallpapers of Google Pixel lineup is! The live & stock wallpapers of Pixel 4 was aesthetically pleasing. Now, some leaks and rumours spread on the internet about the upcoming budget Pixel device, which is the Google Pixel 4A, the successor to the Pixel 3A. We have seen the live images of Pixel 4A with a punch-hole display running on Snapdragon 730 SoC. Based on those leaks of Pixel 4A, Android icon and theme designer Pashapuma (@pashapuma1) has made unofficial Pixel 4A Stock wallpapers. These wallpapers are minimal and beautiful—download Pixel 4A Stock Wallpapers from the given link.

Pixel 4A Stock Wallpapers

Pashapuma has made a total of 11 Pixel 4A wallpapers. As you can see below, the wallpapers look Google-ish! Red, Blue, Yellow and Green colour circle and squarish pattern look stunning. The first Wallpaper has a pitch-black background which will look even more pleasing to the eyes on an AMOLED display. These wallpapers are only for the presentation. You can download high-quality wallpapers from the given link below.

Download Pixel 4A Stock Wallpapers

We have added all these 11 wallpapers in a GDrive folder. Hit the below link to get these Pixel 4A wallpapers in higher resolution.

Download Pixel 4A Wallpapers

The second way to download your favourite wallpapers is the FreshWalls app.

Download the FreshWalls app from Google Play Store. It’s a wallpaper app by TechBurner. You will get tons of free wallpapers in this app. FreshWalls brings fresh, authentic wallpapers that tell a story to connect you with the Wallpaper and your phone even more!


Once you open the FreshWalls app, you will be greeted with some beautiful wallpapers.

  1. First of tap on the Pixel 4A pack.
  2. Scroll and select your favourite Wallpaper and tap on it.
  3. Hit the apply button, and that’s it. Additionally, you can adjust the blur level.

We hope you guys will enjoy Pixel 4A Wallpapers.

[Credit – Pashapuma]

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