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Fastest and Highest Paying Tech Jobs 2018



highest paying tech jobs 2018

Well, if you have a keen interest in all the technology related works, here is a clear chance for you to become the next big thing in the tech field. This report is based on the scrutiny of data between the years 2013 and 2017. It includes millions of members of LinkedIn in India who have a great work experience with high-profile jobs. After all the hard work, here are the highest paying tech jobs in 2018.

Today we will be talking about the top jobs available in the tech field, which you can consider because these are the highest paying tech jobs in 2018. You can share this article with your friends as well, to help them to get a job perfect job in the tech field.

Rank of Fastest Growing Tech Jobs

1.Machine Learning Engineer
2.Application Development Analyst
3.Back-End Developer
4.Full-Stack Engineer
5.Data Scientist
6.Customer Success Manager
7.Digital Marketing Specialist
8.Big Data Developer
9.Sales Recruiter
10.Python Developer

The report by Linkedin boosts the idea that India’s technology jobs market is making a decisive shift. It is transforming from the conventional engineering jobs to new niche roles demanding latest skill sets. Machine Learning has now become a global buzzword. It is a branch of Artificial Intelligence that produces Data Modeling that is automated.

Overseas Firms, as well as those in India, are actively seeking and treasuring skilled tech professionals. These are required to better serve the customers by making sense of the trove of data with the firms. Application Development Analyst is the second fastest growing tech job. It troubleshoots, supports, tests, and develops applications based on the computer for clients.

The role of Back-End Developer involves building the server side or the back-end. This is for important functions such as the database and in web applications. The ability to run a project from beginning to conclusion is possessed by the Full-Stack Engineers. They build the website’s server-side functions while making it end-user friendly.

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