Google Adds New Feature to Solve Math Problems

Google has added a new feature that will allow its users to find the best educational resources on the internet. Google informed that they are going to add a ‘practice problem’ feature where users can directly opt for tests in the search engine itself without having to search for external links. On Google, if you search something like ‘Pythagoras problems’ its educational resources from some third-party providers like Toppr, Careers360, GardeUp, Vedantu will appear.

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Credit: Google Developers

They also informed that they are going to expand support for more types of maths equations by partnering with top educational firms. The post read, “We’re expanding support to even more types of math equations through our partnerships with Symbolab, Mathway (a Chegg Service), and Tiger Algebra. You’ll also be able to access a variety of explanations on how to solve math problems, increasing the chances that one of them may stick.”

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