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Google Arts and Culture App Update: Check Features



google arts & culture app update

Lots of artists and different types of cultures are present throughout the world. Google Arts & Culture app allows you to explore these with great ease. The cultures of more than 80 countries with their unique stories are available on this app. Google has developed this app for those who want to learn, discover, and explore new arts and culture. Now the latest update with many exciting features is out, and we will be talking about it in detail. We will discuss Google Arts and Culture app features, and the latest Google Arts and Culture app update. So, we will talk about the Google Arts and Culture Update Features. Also, we will provide you with the Google Arts and Culture App APK Download Link:

What is Google Arts and Culture App

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This app provides a vast collection of artworks. Moreover, it gives us all the important information with stories about over 2000 cultural institutions. The app is developed by Google LLC, as suggested by the name of the app, and its download size is around 23MB. Google Arts & Culture app has a Play Store rating of 4.4stars out of 5. It is one of the best ways to explore the art, history, people, and wonders of the world and also to create your work into an illustration with the new feature introduced with the latest update.

Screenshots of Google Arts & Culture App

Google Arts and Culture App Features

The app has loads of features and we will cover all of them in this article. You can convert photos clicked by your phones into art-like images with the latest update featuring Art Transfer. So, check out all the Google Arts and Culture App Features.

Art Transfer – You can now transform your pictures into artwork created by a professional artist. Google uses AI to design art and then applies it to your photos. (NEW)

Art Selfie – Look-alike portraits are available to explore with your selfie.

Art Projector – Every available art can be projected through AR technology and seen in a 360-degree view.

Pocket Gallery – You can have a closer look at art galleries and carry them in the smartphone in your tiny pocket.

360° Videos – 360° videos available to experience them in Virtual Reality.

Street View and Virtual Reality tours – Virtual Reality tours will make you feel like you’re physically touring world-class museums. Additionally, Street View is available to tour around famous sites. You can also try the landmark view on your smartphone.

Art Recognizer – You can find more about an artwork near you simply by pointing the camera towards it. Google’s AI will then try and recognize the piece, and fetch you relevant information about that artwork.

Art Transfer – New Feature

You can turn your clicks into a masterpiece by just selecting the complete transformation for your pictures. This feature uses powerful Google AI and studies the pattern from the available artwork. After analyzing the pattern, it transforms your click into amazing art. Art Transfer doesn’t just blend the two or simply overlay images. Instead, it provides unique algorithmic recreation to your photos inspired by the selected art style. Check out Google Arts and Culture App APK Download link below.

Google Arts and Culture App Download

So, from here, you can start Google Arts and Culture App download. This app is available on Google Play Store to download for free, Just click below to get redirected to the Play Store –

Google Arts & Culture – Android

The app is also available for Apple iOS users to download for free. Just click on the link below to get redirected to Apple app store –

Google Arts & Culture – iOS

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