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Google Meet Download – Best Zoom Alternative Now Free!



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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a lockdown is on in India as a precaution. We can’t even get out for a burger, let alone important meetings. Recently, an app called Zoom solved this problem with attractive features. But then, it has its cons too. The app is an easy target for hackers. You may even have heard of many such cases of security breaches as of late. Fortunately, some alternatives provide a secure platform for conducting meetings or hanging out with friends and family. One such app is Google Meet. You may be wondering – is Google Meet free? To that, yes. Google recently made it available for free download on the Google Play Store. In this article, we will discuss Google Meet features, Google Meet app for PC, and Google Meet download free on Android devices.

What is Google Meet?

is google meet free, google meet download, google meet download for free, google meet features, google meet app for pc

Google Meet is a multi-platform video conferencing service developed by Google LLC, as the name suggests. The app has a download size of about 10MB. It is very useful for business and private meetings since you get a safety guarantee from Google. Google Meet is a feature-packed platform.

Google Meet Features

Here are the features of Google Meet with a short explanation.

Easy-to-use – You can easily create and join meetings simply by sharing the code or the link of your meeting.

Control РThe host has the authority to controls who joins the meeting.

High Definition – Google Meet facilitates high-definition video meetings.

Secure – Meetings are expertly encrypted in transit, thus making them safe and private.

Huge Limit – You can add up to 250 people to a meeting.

Screen Sharing – You can share your screen so that everyone is able to see what you are precisely talking about. (The screen is privately broadcast, so notifications can also be seen by others.)

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Some Screenshots of the App

Google Meet Download

There are some requirements for creating a meeting on this platform, as mentioned on Google’s help centre.

  1. A GSuite administrator needs to turn on Meet for your organization.
  2. One needs GSuite to administer, and if you already have it, then login to the account.
  3. To join a meeting, you need an invite link or a meeting ID.

Click below to download the Meet app for Android.

Google Meet Download for free – Android

Click below to get redirected to the Meet page on a supported browser like Chrome:

Google Meet Page – Browser

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