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Google Ordered by French Regulator To Take Measures on Ads.



Google ordered to take measures on Ads. Here are the details:

Google ordered to take measure on Google Ads. An online advertising platform that applies to electronic paid information services. But, In order to make them more precise and intelligible and to ensure their application under non-discriminatory conditions.

The decision comes a few weeks after France’s data protection watchdog fined Google EUR 50 million (roughly Rs. 405 crores) for breaching European Union online privacy rules, the biggest such penalty levied against a US tech giant.


  • Google fined by French Regulator of Rs. 405 Crore.
  • Ordered to take measure on Ads.
  • They will appeal for the fine.

But, Google said it would appeal the record EUR 50 million fine imposed by France’s data regulator. Because Google failed to meet the EU’s strict new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Therefore, The company also said in a statement, “We’ve worked hard to create a GDPR consent process for personalised ads that are as transparent and straightforward as possible, based on regulatory guidance and user experience testing”.

Therefore, they also added, “We’re also concerned about the impact of this ruling on publishers, original content creators and tech companies in Europe and beyond”.

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