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How to Execute the Perfect Camping in BGMI: Step-by-step Guide



Camping in BGMI
Camping in BGMI

BGMI is an intense and fast-paced game, and it opens the scope for a lot of game plans and gameplay styles to emerge in the community. There are two main ways of approaching the game. The first way is playing fast, running around on the map looking for enemies, and taking up fights. This fashion of playing is referred to as rushing. Another equally effective way of approaching the game is camping. This guide will help you know and understand everything about camping, and how to approach it.

What is Camping?

As the name suggests, camping is a method where players try to avoid combat or any encounter with the other teams. Players who want to camp, or like this gameplay style, stay away from the enemies while trying to survive for more time in a match. Longer survival gets players more points to progress ahead in the game.

Camping in BGMI

BGMI is a highly competitive game, and getting killed by your enemy is very frequent. However, camping can help players survive in a match for a longer time. However, it is important to note that players who camp are not liked by the gaming community. If you still want to go ahead with it, here are some tips for camping in BGMI.

Land Away from Hot drops

Hot drops are the popular points on a map in BGMI. There are several hot drops across all the maps in the game. Some of these areas and drop locations are Pochinki, Rozhok, Military Base, etc on the Erangel map. These locations have a high frequency of enemy landing and rotations. Since camping is about holding one position for the longest time, this level of traffic and movement can affect your hideout. If the enemies detect you, they will rush and blow your cover.

Camping in BGMI

Stay Away from the Path of the Plane

The path of the plane determines the locations where most of the players in the lobby might land. If you and your squad want to camp, it is best to stay clear of the path of the plane. Avoiding it can help you take a good spot on the map. There can be times when the plane might not fly over the hot drops, it is still best to avoid the hot drops because they are crowded.

Camping in BGMI

Avoid the Edges of the Map

Targetting the corners or the edges of the map can seem like a good idea for a lot of players, but it is not the best. Edges of the map are on the extreme ends of the same, but if these areas and locations do not fall on the path of the plane, it is best to avoid them because the zone shifts from these areas during the initial stages of a match. It is very rare to see a final zone in these areas.

Spread Out as a Team

Camping in BGMI is all about having each other’s back. Players need to make sure to be in the visual range of each other. This will help you and your squad to be aware and ready for any kind of cover fire, or backup attack. The best way to camp is by not letting the enemy get a hold of any player in the squad. Holding different and adjacent buildings is the way to go in camping.

Avoid Fights and Encounters

Fights are an integral part of BGMI, but if you are camping, it might not be a very good idea. Taking up fights and shooting at the enemy has the potential of revealing your position, this is never a good idea. Therefore, it is best to avoid any kind of encounter and hold your position unless it is absolutely necessary to engage the enemy.

Camping in BGMI These are some of the ways to camp in BGMI. It can be risky and is not appreciated. However, if you want to try this method of playing the game, you can follow the tips. Keep an eye on TechBurner for more such guides.

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