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How to Find Slots for Scheduling 18+ COVID-19 Vaccination



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COVID- 19 Vaccination Drive is now open for people above 18 years of age and almost 14 crores of people have been vaccinated for the first dose as of May 11. Now, being a young county, India has a large population of people between 18 to 45 years of age. Everybody falling under this population bracket very well knows 'How to use a smartphone?'. So, the government had made it mandatory for the people to register themselves on the CoWin platform and schedule their vaccination time and date online before moving to the vaccination centre.

Now, this vaccination drive is covering a larger group of people, most of us are facing difficulties in scheduling their vaccination. Whenever the slots open, they get filled in a couple of seconds as a larger section of society is trying to schedule a slot online. Don't worry, we have got you a solution.

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Using CoWIN Website

The best and only way to schedule vaccination is through the website Follow the steps mentioned below:-

vaccine appointment

Step 1: Look for the exact time when scheduling of the slots for the next day begins. You may get it in newspapers, on TV news channels or through multiple news websites. The exact time varies in different locations like it is 6:00 PM somewhere and somewhere it is 1:30 PM.

Step 2: Still struggling to dig out that time, just make a phone call to your nearest vaccination centre and ask them, "When scheduling of slots for the next day begins?". They will surely tell you the exact time.

Step 3: Open, 5 minutes prior to that time.

Step 4: Enter your mobile number and OTP and tap on the Schedule button.

Step 5: Now, enter your PIN or you may search Areawise, you will see it will not show any slots open for the next day.

Step 6: Keep refreshing that web page.

Step 7: Refresh that page, multiple times until you see some slots open.

Step 8: Now, rush through the process, select your preferred time and hit Confirm.

Step 9: If you would have done this faster than others, congrats you got a vaccination slot.

Step 10: If not, keep trying this on every single day, I can bet, you will definitely get a slot.

COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker Sites

If you don't have enough time to go to that portal and refresh it multiple times or you have tried this many times, we have listed some of the useful sites made by our Indian youngsters to help people in finding vaccination slots. These sites use CoWIN open API to make it easy for you to find slots. We have also given you a step-by-step easy explanation of using these sites.

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker for India

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Make a copy of it in your Google Drive.

vaccine appointment booking time

Step 3: Now, in the spreadsheet, click on Launch Vaccine Tracker.

how to book appointment for covid vaccine in india

Step 4: Finish the Sign-In process through Google and then, Launch Vaccine Tracker again.

Step 5: A popup will open with the name 'COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker Near Me IN'. Now, enter your Pincode, your e-mail address and all the required details, and press the ‘Create Email Alert' button. Now, you are done, you will receive email alerts once per day around 8 am.

schedule appointment for covid vaccine in india

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Now, Enter your state, district and the portal will show up a Telegram Channel Invite.

covid vaccine booking time

Step 3: Tap on the Invite and join your district's Telegram Channel that will regularly update you with the open vaccination slots nearby you.

Step 4: You may also find links on Developer Berty Thomas's Twitter handle.

Step 1: Move to

Step 2: Enter your Name, District, Email and Phone number (optional).

Step 3: Click or tap on the 'Get Notified' button.

covid vaccine schedule for 18 year old

Step 4: The website will show a popup that you will receive e-mails whenever slots will open.

Step 1: Head to

Step 2: Now, enter your district or PIN or State & district both.
covid vaccine schedule appointment

Step 3: The portal will show up all the vaccination centres where vaccine slots are available.


NOTE: As mentioned earlier these apps and web apps use CoWIN open API to make it easy for you to find slots. The availability of slots changes in real-time. So, book your slot as early as possible using (steps at the beginning of article)


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