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How to watch youtube videos in background on iphone and ipad



how to play youtube videos in background on iphone

In this world of entertainment, the internet has become an integral part of our life. Audio Visual is one of the forms of entertainment and YouTube place a great role in visual media. Youtube is generally used to watch videos but often we tend to listen to music on youtube. Its fine when you actually watch music videos on youtube, but what when you just want to listen to music without even downloading and simultaneously doing something else on your service. Well, no worries you can watch videos in the background of your ios device. Here are a few of the tricks to play videos in the background on iPhone and iPad. This works in ios 11 & 12 as well.

How to Play Youtube videos in Background on iPhone and iPad in ios 11 & ios 12

This method works fine on your ios device but, make sure you follow all the steps as mentioned below :

  • You have to open Safari Browser on your device and go to
  • Then tap on the sharing icon on top of the browser and choose “Request Desktop Site”
  • Now you will see the desktop version of youtube and now you can play your video
  • Once your video starts playing, open a new tab, and visited any website e.g. Techburner
  • Now you can exit the Safari and use your iPhone the way you want it but make sure that you do not remove Safari from your recent apps
  • Enjoy your music.

How to play Youtube videos in Background on iPhone and iPad in other browsers

The method we stated earlier with Safari also works with other browsers like Opera, Dolphin, Firefox etc. No point in repeating the same steps again but you can give it a try.

play youtube videos in background

How to Play Youtube videos in Background on Locked iPhone and iPad

Here is another trick that works on your ios device even with the locked screen. You can keep your phone aside with music playing and lock screen which saves your battery. This trick works on your iPhone and iPad but you need the official youtube app installed on your device.

  • firstly open the official youtube app on your device and play the video you want to play
  • Once your video starts playing in the app, just press the power button quickly twice
  • This will lock your device but video shall continue playing with the locked screen

Note – Make sure you did not miss any step and this will do the job. This is how you can play youtube videos in the background on iPhone and iPad.

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