Hidden Meanings of End Letters in Intel Processors

Are you one of those who questions in every Techie things? If yes, then have you ever wondered about the Hidden Meanings of End Letters in Intel Processors. Today in this article, I’ll be covering this topic to make you understand about those¬†hidden names in Intel processors.

Whenever someone asks about budget CPU, Intel comes in mind at the first thought. That’s fine, but why the company puts any random numbers and letters in product names. If I ask you to choose between Core i3 and Core i5, you’ll definitely choose Core i5. Why?? because greater numbers are always better. So, let’s disclose¬†hidden names in Intel processors. So, when you will buy a Procesor next time, You’all understand your processor better than ever.

Well, that’s not any problem to deal with! But why the company puts any random digit at the end of their products like laptops, CPUs, etc. That doesn’t make any sense and also it seems bit difficult to remember those model numbers.

Hidden Meanings of End Letters in Intel Processors

There must be any big reason behind that, a company wouldn’t add any shit to their product name. There might be any big reason behind it. Some of them also sound like any big Missile Name. The question is why?? So now without any further due, let’s jump onto the main topic.hidden names in intel processor

I’ll try to cover all of them, let’s begin with the most known letters that are used by the company:

  • K: Most of the products contains the letter K at end of the actual product name. This K means that the attached chip’s multiplier in that product is fully unlocked, while the Non-K chips are not fully unlocked and have some restrictions in their functionality.
  • HK: Unfortunately, the real meaning of HK laptops is still not revealed by the company but the meaning of K in it is the same as I mentioned above.
  • H: The H stands for High-Performance Graphics.
  • HQ: The H stands as I mentioned above and Q means Quad Core.
  • U or Y: U represents Ultra Low Power, whereas Y designates Extremely Low Power.
  • T: The processors with T letters represent their smaller power and low cooling functionality.
  • P: This represents processors without integrated graphics.
  • G: The G here represents the new Radeon Rx Vega Graphics. It’s manufactured by AMD Radeon.
  • R or C: The R here is somewhat similar to H, hence it represents High-end Mobile whereas the C represents Unlocked as like the letter K.
  • X: The X features high-end unlocked CPUs that cost very higher than the other ones.

I think I’ve covered all of those letters if I missed anything. Please notify us by leaving a comment below. That’s all that I have for now. Thanks for reading this one!

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