Intel working on a Foldable Tablet and it is Lit!!!

As the leaks of the foldable smartphone from Samsung went viral, other brands too started working on their foldable smartphones.  Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and Samsung are quite eager to launch their foldable smartphones this year. Among these, a 3 display foldable smartphone design from Intel has also been leaked. You might be shocked to hear this as we are not quite used to hear about a phone from Intel but the leaked image looks really lit.

Intel Patent the Foldable Design

Intel’s recent patent that they claimed leaks that they are working on a 3-display foldable smartphone that will have 2 cameras on each display. This means that the phone is going to have 6 cameras, in total. Also, since there would be three folds, the phone would be quite thick. The tablet could also have a stylus which would attach to it magnetically.

We can only wait for now as Intel is not going to launch it anytime soon. But the leaks make it clear that the device would be awesome. This year would witness the “foldable” trend, for sure.

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