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It’s been a long time since we last received any major new leaks or updates from Lenovo. Now, we are here with the new Lenovo Charging Pad leaks. We are assuming that it is going to be quite cool with multiple new features. In this article, we will talk about the Lenovo Charging Pad patents. Further, we will also share the Lenovo Charging Pad patent images.

Lenovo Charging Pad Leaks

Recently, we got to know about some Lenovo Charging Pad leaks. We thought to share these leaks about Lenovo Charging Pad for laptop. Let’s start with Lenovo Charging Pad patent designs.

Lenovo Charging Pad Patents

The Lenovo Charging Pad looks the same as a regular charging pad. Some laptop brands, such as Dell, have already implemented this wireless charging pad support in their previous laptops. We have also shared Lenovo charging pad patent designs, which you can find below.
The Lenovo charging pad leaks say that it would have small magnetic squares holes on the front of the charging pad, which will supply power to the laptop. We might have to fit the laptop in the magnetic square holes. At the back, we will get support mechanisms for better positioning. To make our laptop stable on the charging pad, we will get clips to stick it firmly in a place, so that it does not slip and fall. Overall, the design is simple, as we can see in the Lenovo charging pad patent images. We haven’t seen any complex designs like Dell wireless charging support. In Dell Latitude 7825, we had to detach the display from the laptop and then place it on the charging dock, which makes it more complex.

Lenovo Charging Pad Price in India

Lenovo Charging Pad for laptop price in India is not revealed yet. They might launch a charging pad with its upcoming laptop.
Source – @LeakerBaba
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