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LG’s roll-up TV launched at CES 2019 and it’s amazing!!!



LG has launched a 4K roll-up TV for an enormous price at the CES 2019. Let’s see if this LG “roll-up” TV is worth it or not!!

LG Roll-up TV disappears at your command

The LG roll-up TV has got a mechanism that it won’t even appear if you don’t want it to, exciting, isn’t it! It basically rolls down on the push of a button and then back up when you want it to. Unfortunately, the mechanism is not transparent and you cannot watch the whole process. The rolling of the TV is also quite quiet. LG mentions that the TV is durable enough to withstand about 50,000 to 60,000 rolls.

Image Source: TheVerge

The TV has got a lot of functionalities

In terms of functions, the TV does not comprise at all. It has got a mode called the “Line Mode” in which the TV just rolls 3-4th so that you still have the smart home gadgets and music controls. Support for Amazon’s Alexa with the existing Google assistant are being added to webOS software for your convenience. Apple’s airplay 2 is also being added so that there is smooth playback for media and screen mirroring for your apple devices. Ports are located on the back of the device bagging up the HDMI 2.1 so that it is totally futuristic.

No compromise with the Quality!

LG also mentions that the roll-up TV does not compromise with the picture quality at all. They have been on the par when it comes to the contrast, quality and colors of the picture. The TV bags in the the Alpha 9 processing chip for greater processing.

LG Roll-up TV Price

The futuristic TV would be launched at a premium price as told by LG. This means that not everybody will be able to afford this beauty but we cannot forget mentioning that it is quite awesome.


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