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PUBG Players, this quiz is just for you. Test your skill only if you are a PRO player.

How many maps PUBG has?

  1. Four

  2. Three

  3. Five

  4. Six

What is the game's genre?

  1. History

  2. Battle Royal

  3. Sci Fi

  4. 5D

On which map can you drive the Tukshai vehicle?

  1. Miramar

  2. Training

  3. Erangel

  4. Sahnok

Which scope has adjustable zoom in PUBG?

  1. 8x CQBSS

  2. 2x Aimpoint

  3. 4x ACOG

  4. 15x PM II

What is the Playzone also referred to as in PUBG?

  1. The Death Zone

  2. The Circle

  3. The Fighting Zone

  4. The Storm

How much extra capacity does Backpack (Level 3) give?

  1. +200

  2. +250

  3. +300

  4. +350

What is the name of PUBG in-game currency?

  1. PUBG Points

  2. PUBG Coins

  3. Battle Points

  4. Battle Coins

You are a Good PUBG Player 🙂

You are a True PUBG Player 🙂

You are a True PUBG Pro Player

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