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Top 10 Mobile Photography Tricks You Should Try Now



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No matter how many expensive cameras you own, mobile photography always seems like the go-to option for most of us. It’s quick, simple and can be shared on social media in a matter of seconds. Whereas, DSLR photos have to be transferred, edited and the process is time-consuming. The question to be asked is, how do I take DSLR-like shots from my smartphone? How do I step up my social media game just by mobile photography? Well, smartphone cameras have never been better with 48MP, 64MP and 108MP becoming the norm. It’s time to take advantage of these camera phones. Here are the top 10 mobile photography tricks you can try right now at home! It’s time to ace your smartphone camera game with these tips and tricks.

Creating Abstract Wallpapers 

Not everyone is a graphic designer or has the knack for creating stunning abstract wallpapers. But, with this nifty little trick, anyone can do so. First, you need to pour some milk in a bowl. Then, insert some colour paint into it using a plastic syringe. The more, the merrier. To mix it all together, pour a couple of drops of baby oil and stir well. 

Your canvas is ready. It’s time to pull out your smartphone and photograph it from directly above. 

The Tunnel Effect 

In order to create this so-called tunnel effect, all you need is a round object. A textured chart paper, cello tape roll or something along those lines will do the job. This mobile photography trick works on the principle of symmetry in your photo and adding an extra object enhances it. Here’s how the tunnel effect shots played out for us. 

Professional Product Shots 

This next mobile photography trick is for someone who owns a small business or sells tangible products to their clients. This trick enables you to do an at-home professional product photoshoot. Here’s how it works. You’ll need a laptop and a small mirror. Play any video with colour animations on your laptop and set up the mirror and product as shown below. 

The photographs you click now will automatically slightly blur the background animations in the mirror and focus on the subject. It works best with small objects such as the AirPod we used in our case. 

mobile camera settings for better pics

Using LED Lights 

Smartphone photography tricks using LED lights is not uncommon. But, we tried something different. For this trick, you will need a strip of LED or RGB lights and a smartphone camera with Night Mode or enable slow shutter speed. Set up the smartphone and try making recurring patterns with the light such as rotating it as we have done. This will make you look like you’re in a sci-fi movie. 

best mobile photography tricks

Rotating Shot 

In order to take a rotating shot, you need to use a rotating object and what better than a tire. You will need to wedge a piece of wood in between the tire and then tape your smartphone onto it firmly. This rotating shot works best in video mode and against another rotating subject such as a cycle. Enabling slo-mo video can also do wonders for this mobile photography trick. 

smartphone photography innovative ideas

Cinematic Camera Trick 

In order to get those cinematic shots where the scene pans out in a second or zooms in, here’s the next mobile photography trick. For this, you’ll require a standard smartphone holder, an inch tape and lots of cello tape to make sure your phone doesn’t fall. Now, all you need to do is turn on the video and position yourself at a height. 

DSLR like mobile shots

Cinematic phone shots

Cloud Nine Feels 

To imitate the clouds, you’ll need lots and lots of cotton. Place it on the ground close to the smartphone and have the subject be a bit far. Angle the shot accordingly so it looks like they are on top of the cotton cloud. It looks best if the background is white too. 

how to become a pro smartphone photographer

Miniature Mobile Photography Tricks 

The angle on this kind of photography is everything. The concept of miniature shots is a bit similar to what we discussed in the cloud trick just now. You need to position the object close to the camera and subject afar. Then, align them both together to create the perfect illusion. 

the ultimate guide to smartphone photography

Ultra Stable Footage 

Ever wondered how to get rid of the shaky video footage on a smartphone? While there’s always the option of spending tons of money on a professional gimbal, here’s how you can do it for free. The only thing you’ll need is a chair with wheels, much like your regular office chair. You can record a highly stable video by simply sitting on the chair and pushing yourself back by kicking against the floor. If you have the control, you can even do it with a skateboard or a cycle. 

how to shoot gimbal like stable video on phone

Night Mode Photography Tricks 

This next mobile photography trick again makes use of the Night Mode or slow shutter speed. If you want to do this manually, set the ISO to as low as it goes and the shutter speed to about 5 seconds. This will result in a similar sci-fi shot as was the case with the LED lights. We tried it with a sparkler and a cycle with all safety measures in place and this is how our photo turned out. 

night mode smartphone photography tricks


So, we hope you enjoyed this article on smartphone photography tips and tricks. For more such interesting tech content, stay tuned to the TechBurner website! 

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