Top 5 Android Browsers with Night Mode!

We know a browser contains all our secrets. Choosing the perfect one can be pretty tough when there are thousands of options to choose from. This article will help you pick the most suitable one that will have the perfect Night mode for late night eye-strain free surfing

1. FireFox Browser:

The Firefox Browser is a pretty good alternative to Chrome or your other default browser. It doesn’t have a Dark mode inbuilt but you can download an Ad-On called ‘Simple Night Mode for Quantum’. This Ad-On works perfectly to turn websites with bright background into dark ones and also has neon colored texts which look very cool.

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You can download Firefox Browser from here: Firefox Browser

Get Simple Night Mode Ad-On here: Simple Night Mode

2. Samsung Internet Browser:

Samsung users probably have this by default in their phone and it is a pretty good browser. It has extensions to block ads, QR code scanner, and Video Assistant which lets you stream your phone’s content on your TV directly. Luckily, It also has a legit Night Mode which is a basic requirement for this list.

You can download the Samsung Internet Browser from here.

3. Dolphin Browser:

This Browser has 50 Million Downloads o the Play Store and a 4.5 Star Rating by 2 Million users and it surely deserves all of that. It’s pretty fast, supports Ad-Ons and themes, Blocks irritating Pop-ups. You can also use gestures to open your favorite sites like drawing an F to open Facebook quickly. Notice how when on TechBurner’s website homepage Night Mode made the images of the articles disappear.

You can download Dolphin Browser from here.

4. Marathon Browser:

This one gives you 5 gigs of cloud space when you register an account. It supports Ad Block plug-in and of course, the Night Mode. In fact, Marathon browser has the best one out of all the browsers in our list.

You can download Marathon Browser from here.

5. UC Browser:

This one doesn’t need any introduction. You have been forced to download this one many times while downloading something else. That’s just a marketing strategy and we can’t hate the product for that. What we hate UC Browser is for the dumb notifications that it sends all the time. When you turn the notifications off in settings and customize it your way, it turns out pretty decent. Coming back to the niche of the article, UC Browser’s Night Mode is unbeatable.

You can download UC Browser from here.

Don’t download these apps from anywhere else than Google Play Store unless you want to end up downloading the UC Browser (Pun intended).

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