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Top 5 Most Addictive Games Under 10 MB – Download Now



top 5 most addictive games under 10 mb

When there was No PUBG and No 10 GB or 12 GB RAM Phones, we used to Play few Games which were so much addictive that People used to play them for hours. However, most of us may have Forgot them or don’t like them now because of their Poor Graphics and all. But trust me, those were the Best Games you can Find, even in Late 2019. Also, do not call yourself a Mobile Games if you haven’t Played these Games. However, for those who are still thinking that what am I talking about, well, Check Out Top 5 Most Addictive Games Under 10 MB which will make you Live in your Childhood again…

best games under 10 mb

Top 5 Most Addictive Games Under 10 MB

1. Dr Driving

addictive games under 10 mb

This one is probably the Most Popular and Most Addictive Game till now. People still Play this Game on their High-End Smartphones. In this game, you have to Complete the Given Tasks with Most Accuracy. If you Fail to Complete the Task by 1%, your Mission has been Failed. This is why People stick on the Game for hours to Complete the Missions. So, Dr Driving, Developed by SUD Games, is First on our list. Download the Game from the Link Below…

Download Dr Driving

2. Bike Race Free

addictive games

Yet another Addictive Game in the House. You won’t believe that I wasted Hours in Playing the Game when I was in 10th Standard. Now you know how much Addictive it is? But wait! is it more addictive than PUBG? Hell yeah! Download it once, you will keep Playing the Game for Hours without any hesitation.

Download Bike Race Free

3. Racing Moto

games under 10 mb

Ok, we ain’t biased with the Racing Games. But these Games are just Lit. This Game, Racing Moto basically came Pre-installed with some of the Phones at that time. As usual, we Played the Game and tried to Score as much as possible. Wait! You aren’t Late! You can Still Ride your Bike at 250KM/H and Make a High Score. Download the Game Now to do so…

Download Racing Moto

4. Bike Racing 3D

top 5 most addictive games under 10 mb

First of all, the Game does not need a 3D Glass! Jokes Apart, this Game was the High-End Game of the Era of that Time. This Game was the Best BMX Riding Game out there. Sadly, it did not Run on my Smartphone, but I played it recently on my Redmi Note 7 Pro, and it just worked like a Charm. Download it Now…

Download Bike Racing 3D

5. Flow Free

top 5 most addictive games

Hardest! Believe me the Hardest Game of the World! I mean literally! It was a Harder task to Complete the Game that Killing an Enemy in PUBG. It used to take hours to complete a Single Mission of the Game. Still, we Enjoyed Playing the Game very much. Also, get Life ka Full Maza by Downloading the Game from the Link below…

Download Flow Free

So, do you Love our Collection of Old Games, more precisely Top 5 Most Addictive Games Under 10 MB? Let us know in the comments below. Also, Keep Following Us to get Retro Tech Stories Every Month…

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