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Top 5 PC FPS Games That Are Coming To Mobile In 2022



PC FPS Games That Are Coming To Mobile In 2022

FPS games have always been a PC thing. In recent years, console gaming has become popular so now almost all FPS titles are available on PlayStation and Xbox too. An even more recent development has been in the mobile gaming space. FPS titles such as BGMI, PUBG Mobile and CODM have become insanely popular. Another great news for all you smartphone gamers is that some of the top FPS games are now coming to Mobile too! This article is all about the top 5 PC FPS games that are coming to mobile in 2022. So, if you are a PC gamer who wants to play these titles on your smartphone, the wait is over! Check out the PC FPS games that are coming to mobile in 2022 right here. 

Top 5 PC FPS Games Coming To Mobile 

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile 

One of the most steaming titles of the Call of Duty series, Warzone is a PC battle royale title which debuted in 2020. After instantly becoming the fan’s favourite in the PC genre, it was under heavy demand by mobile gamers too. 

So, seizing the opportunity, COD-maker Activision teased Warzone for mobile under the new name “Project Aurora”. Since then, leaks have been rolling in such as updated map details of ‘Verdansk’ revealing new avenues. 

pc titles coming to mobile phones in 2022

Valorant Mobile 

Released in the lockdown of June 2020, Valorant became extremely popular and competitive in no time. With many gamers comparing it to the OG Counter-Strike with a modern twist, it has many modes to offer- Team Deathmatch, Spike Rush, Competitive and more. 

No sooner had the leaks for the mobile version of Valorant started rolling in than Riot announced that it’s been in the works for over a year. Testings have been underway in full swing so we can expect it to launch sometime this year. 

valorant coming to smartphones in 2022

Rainbow Six Mobile 

You know how much fun and serious can Rainbow Six get if you’ve played it on PC. This competitive 5v5 game has already announced its mobile version earlier this month. The beta testing is also on since May 3rd, 2022. 

The pre-registration details are also in but considering the testing has started just now, the launch of this game might just spill over to early 2023 if not by the end of 2022. 

rainbow six testing mobile version

Battlefield Mobile 

Battlefield has a very established PC franchise that’s been reigning for over a decade. For the first time, they have decided to pierce into the world of mobile gaming. The fan base it has built over the years for its PC titles will undoubtedly play a major role in converting them to mobile gamers as well. Battlefield is surely one of the top PC FPS games that are coming to mobile in 2022. 

battlefield for mobile release date

Warframe Mobile 

This 2013 PC game is all set to hit smartphone gaming this year. As confirmed by developer leaks, Warframe is definitely making it to smartphones in 2022 though the exact date is still in the works. The only option eager fans have is to wait for some official announcement such as the pre-registration. 

upcoming pc games that are coming to Android

Apex Legends Mobile 

Apex Legends mobile is already live on the Play Store and fans can’t get enough! Although the new controls might take some practice, the gameplay is just as engaging as the PC version. It becomes better with time once you are familiar with each character and their distinct abilities. 

 5 PC FPS Games That Are Coming To Mobile In 2022

That’s it for this one. We hope you liked this article on the top PC FPS games that are coming to mobile in 2022. For more such amazing articles, check out TechBurner!

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