Upcoming Features Of Google Photos: Manual Tagging, Pet Photo Sharing And More

Google Photos is one of the best photo galleries out there. Google allows us to backup unlimited High-Quality photos in the Google Photos App. Also, it creates albums, movies, collage and more automatically. The product leader of Google Photos Mr. David Lieb asked for the feedback on the Google Photos app on twitter. Lieb confirmed many upcoming features of Google Photos including manual tagging. Recently, the Dark Mode is also added in the Google Photos app. Let’s have a look at the upcoming features of Google Photos.

Edit Timestamps

Android users will be able to edit timestamps on the photos from the Google Photos app. This feature is already available on iOS and the web. Users will be able to edit the location and date on the Android app too.

Pet Photo Sharing In Partner Libraries 

Google Photos allows users to share photos with the other user in the Partner Library. As of now, there is no option to add photos of Pets in Partner Library, you can only share photos of the people. Future updates will add this feature.

Manual Tagging

Google Photos’s Facial recognition works excellent and it recognizes face quite well. In a few cases, the app misses out a few photos. There is an option to tag people manually in the Picasa and Lieb said that this feature is definitely on the roadmap. We will soon be able to tag people manually in the photos.

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Recently Uploaded Images

The web and iOS users can see the recently uploaded images but the Android users can’t. As confirmed by the Lieb this feature is also on the way. Users will be able to search for the recently added photos without browsing them.

Delete Image From Albums

When you are exploring an album on the Google Photos app and you delete any photo then it will not remove from the library. It only removes the photo from the Album. An update will bring the ability to delete any photo directly from the Album.

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Screenshot Backup

When you took a Screenshot on a Samsung device then the Screenshot saves in the DCIM folder hence all the Screenshots backups automatically. However, a new update will bring the ability to backup Screenshots in all devices.

These are the top upcoming features of Google Photos. Other features such as native Photo Map, Google Drive sync, Improved sharing, reduction of Duplicate photos, Youtube-like video playback, Photo printing and more are coming. Stay tuned with us to get the latest update regarding Google Photos.

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