Zoom Vs Google Meet: Best Video Calling App

Do you know when the first video call was organized? In 1956, AT&T started working on a “PicturePhone.” After too much R&D, the company made its debut at Disneyland World Fair in 1964, where attendees got the chance to place video calls to strangers. Nowadays, we use video calling apps more frequently. Play Store is filled with a large number of video calling apps. Zoom and Google Meet are the leading contenders in the video calling app market. Which is better? To solve this dilemma, we have come up with Google Meet Vs Zoom app free version comparison. In this article, we will discuss Zoom vs Google Meet features. Further, we will also provide you with the Google Meet app download link and Zoom app download link.

Zoom vs Google Meet

This pandemic is the best time to test these video calling apps. Everyone is working from home, and the consumption of the internet has increased immensely. Work from home is good because full-time employees get quality time to spend with their family. Thus, in this period, we decided to test both apps. We used both video calling app for 4 hours straight. The experience was quite good. Let’s compare both platforms.

Zoom vs Google Meet Time Limit

Starting with the Zoom vs Google Meet time limit. Currently, Google Meet is offering 24 hours of straight video calling, which is a LOT. We can place video calls through the Google Meet app or Google Meet official site. We will provide you with the Google Meet app download link below. On the other hand, Zoom offers a fair amount of call time, 40 mins. This is meagre in comparison to Google Meet. Though, it is expected that the time limit of Google Meet will be cut down to 60 minutes from October 1.

Zoom vs Google Meet Participants

During this pandemic, every enterprise, no matter its size, is conducting meetings through video calling apps to establish a connection with their employees. Talking about the Zoom vs Google Meet participants limit, Google Meet offers up to 100 participants per meeting. Zoom also allows 100 participants in a meeting.

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Zoom vs Google Meet Security

We know that a database of Zoom accounts was recently found to be on sale on the dark web. Though the company claims that all flaws and issues have been resolved now, after that incident, Zoom fixed all the data breach issues and added some extra security features for its users. However, it is expected that Zoom will add more security settings for paid users soon. On the other side, Google Meet uses meeting IDs that are 25 character-long and only allows to join in under 15 mins or less for PC users. In the end, with both Zoom vs Google Meet security, your data is safe. Notably, none of the two platforms uses end-to-end encryption for extra safety.

Zoom vs Google Meet Voice And Video Quality

We tested both apps for one week. In terms of video quality, Google Meet is much better than Zoom and voice quality was also crisp. But the speaker sound was not clear. Moreover, the background noise was zero. In Zoom, it is vice versa. Zoom’s sound output is very high even without headphones or earphones. If we talk about video quality, Google offers good quality with low internet consumption. Thus, Zoom lacks in video quality. Zoom distributes the screen of participants in small thumbnails under one screen, which looks odd.

Zoom vs Google Meet Features

Google Meet vs Zoom comparison doesn’t end here. There are still so many features that we frequently use in video calls, such as screen sharing, mirroring, etc. Let’s take a look at Zoom vs Google Meet features.

Features Google Meet Zoom
Max participants 100 100
Share screen Yes Yes
Breakout rooms Yes Yes
Connect to conference equipment Yes Yes
Call-ins Free Starts $100/month
Email integration Gmail, Outlook Outlook

Download Zoom

Download Google Meet


We have gone through the features of Google Meet vs Zoom app. We would prefer Google Meet over Zoom because it has almost every feature we want and more. Google Meet is the better choice because it doesn’t charge till September. Overall, Google is more cost-effective. But if you want to create a conference room-like environment, you should go with Zoom. If we pay for a subscription, we will get extra services. The features in the free version are limited.

That’s it for this article. Tell us your experience of Google Meet and Zoom.

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