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9 Tech Things That You Were Wrong About: Check Now!


Technology has always been very amazing for all of us. But most of the things at the backend are hidden from us, and we always get a shock when we find those things. Here we have listed 9 facts about technology that you might find interesting:-

Power Bank charges lesser than its capacity

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

It is a fact that Power Bank delivers less charge than its battery capacity. For example, a 20,000 mAh power bank is able to deliver only 16,000 mAh of charge Actually, rest of the 4,000 mAh is wasted in charge movement, lightning the indicator LEDs and running the chip inside.

MacBook Touchpad is not a physical button

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

Apple has very smartly fitted a  pressure-sensitive sensor inside the Macbook touchpads, whenever a user taps it, the sensor vibrates giving a feel of a physical button click.

All 8-core and 4-core SoCs are actually dual-core

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

An actual smartphone doesn't have space to accommodate 4 physical cores, so most smartphone companies divide a single core into 4 parts so that the processor can run on 1/4th of its part at a time and this is called threading.

Signal strength ≠ Signal quality

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

When we get full signal on our smartphone, it doesn't mean we will be experiencing full speed internet and no call disturbances. Network signal strength has nothing to do with the network traffic and quality.

Smartphone heating is good most of the times

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

Whenever the processor does work, it gets heated. If that heat does not pass to the smartphone body, the processor heats up more causing a performance drop. Now, whenever we are using a phone with glass or metal back, heat gets transferred to the body making the processor cool and efficient.

Fast Charging: Chargers are not fast

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

Most of the phones supporting fast charging have two batteries inside them. Both the batteries get charged together making the charging faster. Now, accommodating two batteries in a smartphone occupies more space, that's why fast charging phones have lesser battery capacity.

Rooting does not void warranty

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

Warranty of a smartphone is voided only when we unlock the bootloader, rooting does not abandon warranty.

More megapixels  ≠ Better quality images

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

A 12 MP sensor of an iPhone takes more detailed images than a 108MP one. This is because there is no sensor with 108 megapixels. Companies use pixel binning technology i.e., 4 images are taken at a time from a 24MP sensor, then the processor combines those 4 images to make one single image with 4 times the megapixels but not necessarily detail.

Smartphones are virus-free

Credits: YouTube/TechBurner

Smartphones can never get a virus, they can only get malware. Malware is an extra, unuseful application that is required to be uninstalled. So, you never require antivirus software to keep your smartphone safe.

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That's All For Today. Stay Tuned To TechBurner For More Stuff.


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