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Minecraft 1.19 Update: New Features, How to Download



The much-awaited Minecraft 1.19 update, known as The Wild Update, has finally been released for all platforms around the world. The game’s official Twitter account posted the trailer and announced the release of the update. It brings two new biomes, four new mobs, Sentinels, Frogs, Tadpoles, and an alley to the game, as well as some refreshing new mechanics. You can dive into caves to meet and fight the scary warden, or head out into the wilderness to collect all the goat horns to form a band. It basically introduces new enemies, neat new building blocks, and some weird new buildings left over from previous explorers. Let’s take a look at the new features and steps to download the Minecraft 1.19 Update aka The Wild update.

Minecraft 1.19 Update

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The 1.19: The Wild Update, as the name suggests, brings some wild features to the game. Minecraft 1.19 brings a lot of new elements to the game. Just like every other Minecraft Update, the Minecraft 1.19 update will consist of a lot of new things throughout the game. Now let’s head into the Minecraft 1.19 update features.

Minecraft 1.19 Update Features

Here is the list of Minecraft 1.19 Update Features that we will be seeing in the coming days:

Mangrove Swamp

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A mangrove swamp biome has been added, as well as mangroves, mud blocks, and mud bricks. This is a new variation on the existing swamp biome that adds new mudflats, a mangrove tree, and more to the game. There are now some minor changes in the game, such as the chest/oven / TNT / bunker. Various gameplay components are becoming more predictable, and broken blocks now grant XP from bombs created by TNT players. Furthermore, a new biome adds frogs to the game. These neutral mobs spawn in swampy biomes.


minecraft 1.19 update, minecraft 1.19 wild update, Minecraft new update

One of the biggest additions in the Minecraft 1.19 update is the Warden, a fearsome hostile group that spreads in a deep dark biome – one of two new biomes added in this update. But don’t worry about entering this biome, as the warden only breeds in the Old Town, a unique structure exclusive to some deep dark biome.


The mud is a new mass that will appear in the mangrove biome. Entities like Soul Sand sink deeply into the mud when they set foot on them. Clay bricks are a kind of building block made from rammed clay. Workbench or stones can be used to turn mud bricks into mud-brick stairs, walls, and slabs.

Minecraft 1.19 update also includes Sculk, Warden, Goat horn, Allay, and other new features and improvements. The full list of notes can be seen on the official Minecraft website.

How to Download and Play The Minecraft 1.19 Update

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Players can easily download the latest sandbox update by updating an already installed game either through the dedicated store app or through the official Java Edition game launcher.
Players can find the exact steps to do this for the dedicated platforms below:

Java users:

  • First of all, Open the Minecraft launcher
  • Then select the dropdown menu next to the big green play button.
  • And then, here users will have to select the latest version option.
  • Next, press the play button and Minecraft will automatically start downloading the latest version of the game, which should be 1.19.

Bedrock/Console users:

  • You need to make sure that your game has received the latest update.
  • If you had set up your Microsoft Store to update apps automatically, the Bedrock version on PC will already be updated.
  • If not, then you can go to the Store app and then to the library where you can get the update you want.
  • Once the store checks for all updates, you will see that the game is also downloading the latest Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update.

PlayStation users:

  • Go to Minecraft from your game library and press the options button on your console.
  • Select “Check for updates”
  • Then your game will start downloading the latest version of Minecraft.

Xbox Users

If players are playing a sandbox game on Xbox, it is easy to update the game.

  • You can go to My Apps & Games
  • Now select Minecraft and then click on More Options.
  • Then select Manage game and add-ons from the list of options
  • Then “Updates”. There should be a new Minecraft 1.19 update available out there.

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