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Android 12L Beta 1 is Now Live: See What Google has Brought



Android 12L Beta 1

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Android 12L Beta 1 is now available for large-screen devices. This came soon after Google announced Android 12L for foldable, tablets and other devices. Now that the Android 12L Beta 1 is here, we have access to some of the new features. These are the same features that were made public when Google initially announced Android 12L. Since this is the very first beta, we only have access to some of the features. More will be added in the upcoming versions along with performance improvements and bug fixes. If you don’t have a Pixel or the latest Android tablet, you can even emulate it via Android Studio and use it. Let us see what all this new version of Android brings for large screen devices. 

Android 12L Beta 1: Features 

The most important thing that Android 12L Beta 1 brings to the table is the optimization and December security patches. In addition to this, all screens above 600dp will have a more intuitive two-column UI wherever possible. This will be implemented to utilize the screen real estate to the fullest and display as much useful information as possible.

android 12l beta features

We can expect to see changes all across the home screen, lock screen, settings and the entire overview of the tablet. Android 12L refines the whole multitasking experience with a dock-like taskbar. You can simply drag the app icons to directly open them in split-screen mode.

For all the developers out there, Android 12L has now got more APIs to work with. You can even resize apps that don’t have this function built-in natively. Go ahead and try these apps on different screen sizes and even in different resolutions. 

Android 12L Beta 1 Release Date

As Google has finally released the Android 12L Beta 1, it will be available to the users soon. Smartphones with a bigger screen like Tablets and Foldables will get the update whenever their OEMs release it for them. However, the Android 12L Beta 1 release date in India is still questionable.

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