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How To Download Apple AirTag Tracker Detector App For Android



Apple Tracker Detector App For Android

Apple has recently launched its AirTag Tracker Detector app for Android users in an effort to boost privacy. It basically works as an Android AirTag detector. For those of you who don’t know, Apple’s AirTags are small tracking devices that help you locate personal items. However, this can also be misused by someone who wants to track your location secretly. To prevent such things from happening, iPhone users and even Android users can now detect any unwanted AirTags nearby via the Apple Tracker Detector app. Apple has always taken privacy very seriously and with this move, it continues to take things up a notch as always. Let us see how their new AirTag detector for Android works. 

How To Download Apple AirTag Tracker Detector App For Android 

You can download the app via Google’s Play Store on any Android smartphone. The app is compatible with all item trackers that support Apple’s Find My Network, AirTags being one of them.

Android AirTag detector

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How To Detect An Unknown AirTag Using Tracker Detector App 

  • If you feel like you are being tracked using an unknown AirTag, open the app on your Android smartphone. 
  • Click on the scan option that lets it scan your surroundings to detect any unwanted AirTags around you. 
  • If the app sees that an unidentified AirTag has been moving with you for more than 10 minutes, the app will let you play a sound on the AirTag in an attempt to help you locate it. 

Track unknown Apple AirTag

  • Once you are able to successfully locate it, you can even trace the unique serial number of the item. Just tap on the option “Learn about this item tracker.” 
  • Finally, to get rid of the unwanted AirTag, the app will help you with instructions on how to dismantle it and remove its battery. It is available under the option “Instructions To Disable.” This way, the AirTag will no longer be functional and unable to track your location. 

How to disable unwanted AirTag

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The only drawback of the Apple AirTag Tracker Detector app is that if you’re traveling via public transport, then fellow passengers’ AirTags might move with you for more than 10 minutes. This might fool the app into thinking it’s an unidentified AirTag trying to track you, but that’s not the case. 

Other than that, it’s a great step by Apple to strengthen privacy. For more useful tech updates, stay tuned to TechBurner.

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