Apple ARM-Based Mac Might Launch in 2021

Apple is finally working on a new Chipset based on the ARM Architecture. Reports say that the Company may launch three new Mac Computers in 2021 based on ARM. Reports also say that these Macs will be having the latest Apple A14 Chipset, which will also power up the 2020 iPhones. However, for the Macs, the A14 Chipset will be much more powerful and power-efficient. Well, how much powerful is the new Chipset and what are the Apple ARM-Based Mac Features? Check out below to know more about Apple ARM-Based Mac launch date in India.

Apple ARM-Based Mac Features

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As we have already mentioned that the new Apple ARM-Based Mac will be a lot more powerful than those which are available in the market right now, here are the Apple ARM-Based Mac Features.


Just like every year, the Mac will be available in the 13-inch Display Model. However, there could be a 16-inch Variant too, just like Macbook Pro 16-inch in 2019. Anyways, the Displays will be Apple’s Signature Panel called Retina Display.


The Macs will be made with Aluminium Body and the weight will be very less. As Apple always provides the best, they won’t compromise with the Design too. However, the Sleek Aluminium Body of the Macs is still the best in the market.

apple arm-based mac features


Let’s talk about the power of the Mac. Like, up to what limits can the Devices go? Well, the new 5nm A14 Chipset for Macs will have 12 Cores. 8 of them will be High Power Cores, named as Firestorm and 4 of them will be Low Power Cores, named as Icestorm. Which means, you will be able to get the power not just to edit 4K Videos, but also run your OpenCV Projects flawlessly. However, the Graphics Card for the Macs is not yet been confirmed.

RAM and Storage

According to the Processor’s Power, the Macs will have a minimum of 32GB RAM. Otherwise, the System will be a Bottleneck between the Processor and the RAM. However, while talking about the Storage, Macs usually come with less storage with High Power SSD. However, there will be minimum 1TB of Storage, as we can guess.


  1. Butterfly Keyboard
  2. Large Trackpad
  3. Siri Support
  4. AirDrop Support
  5. Thunderbolt Support

Apple ARM-Based Mac Price in India

As the Apple ARM-Based Mac Features suggests, the Device is going to be a beast, the Price will definitely be on the higher side. Right now, the highest variant of Macbook Pro, aka Macbook Pro 16-inch Costs Rs 2,50,000. That one has very fewer features if compared to the ARM-Based Mac. So, you can be sure that the latest ARM-Based Mac will cost more than that. According to our opinion, Apple ARM-Based Mac price in India may start from Rs 4,00,000 or more. However, at whatever Price they launch it, it will be value for money if compared with the Features.

apple arm-based mac price in india

Apple ARM-Based Mac Launch Date in India

As the Post Title Suggests, the new Apple ARM-Based Mac will Launch in 2021. Right now Apple is testing the new A14 Chipset and soon they will start the Development of the new Mac. However, to be precise, the Apple ARM-Based Mac Launch Date in India will be in September 2021. They may have launched the Device earlier, but due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic, everything has slowed down. Still, Apple might Launch the same with their 2021 iPhones.

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